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Elections, European Union
European Parliament (S)Elections 2024
General Components
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A similar Table is being prepared for each Country, including Provinces, Cities, Prefectures, Municipalities and Sub-Municipalities, etc.

Replacing the partycratic model by a
Citizens' steered Deliberative Societal Governance system.

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European Union and Countries Sector Departments Deliberative Societal Governance Organization project
Equivalent of EU Directorate-Generals and National Ministries-Administrations

(S)Elections are
elections based on permanent deliberations, locally to globally, and making use of modulable instruments, as provided by SocietalSystem.
The process consist of filtration of proposals and selection of representatives who will execute the selected programs,
not a party program, that in fact often completely deviates from the election propaganda.
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(S)Elections EP 2024 Manual for Citizens' Proactive Interventions
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Global-Local Societal Governance Alliance(s)
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Local Societal Coaches
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Local Societal Governance Deliberations
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Societal Flow, applied to the European Union + per Country, Region, Municipality
StS-Matrix > StS-Transcription Open Documents > 2020-2025: StS-Paralles of Documents Entities Official People
> 2025-2030: Societal Replacement where relevant Entities and People

Relations to the European 2024 Elections:
Union Council Members - European Commission Members - European Union DGs - European Union Agencies -
European Union World Delegations - European Parliament Members MEPs - European parliament Commissions - European Union Programs Elections:
European Union Geo-Territories 'NUTS' 1 2 3 Lists
- European Union Accredited NGOs - European Union Enterprises - European Union Universities
European Union Agenda 2020-2030 -

EU Societal Entities  -

Europe Referendums Series - Europe Petitions Series - ....

Priority Sectors and Entities in the European parliament (S)Elections 2024 Plan
Open Cluster-Proposals ....

European Parliament (S)Elections 2024 Expo-Congresses Program
Events per e-Region
European parliament (S)Elections Local Deliberations Programs
per e-Region and Municipality

EU Key-Documents for Modulable StS-Transcription
Lisbon Treaty -


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