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StS Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030
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Creative, exciting jobs for millions of proactive, societally engaged citizens, worldwide.
Decisive drivers of the StS-Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030
per Global-Local Geo-Territory en Thematic Topic.

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Creative Jobs for Millions, Worldwide, mostly from Home.
Societal 3D-Supervising World Network
* Transversal Supervisors
. > StS-System - Societal Entities Supervisors, per Topic
> Vertical
: Global-Local Geo-Territorial Supervisors
> Horizontal: Topic Supervisors
* Diagonal: Societal Flow Stages

* Extra: StS-File Series Supervisors
Related: 3D Topic Spheres
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0. Transversal Supervisors.
01. StS-System
Function Profile and Description
02. Societal Entities Supervisors, per Topic
Profile and Description
1. Vertical
: Global-Local Geo-Territorial Supervisors
Function Profile and Description
2. Horizontal: Topic Supervisors
Function Profile and Description
3. Diagonal: Societal Flow Stages
Function Profile and Description
* Extra: StS-File Series Supervisors
Related: 3D Topic Spheres

The societal exploitation of each set of sites or geo-territorial site is the object of a StS-License,
attributed to a StS-Consortium of Partners, through a StS-Supervisor.

The Supervisor organizes a Research-Editing Team and, with the Consortium Members, creates a formal StS-Entity,
in principle a societal enterprise model, adapted to the legal directives of each country.

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SocietalSystem Topic-Supervisors Sectoral Outline

SocietalSystem Topic-Supervisors Model StS-Licence Agreement


Series Presentations StS-Topics available for StS-Supervisors StS-Licences
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors General Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors StS-Main Topics and Projects Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors Societal Sectors Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors Study Disciplines Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors Societal Entities Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors Current Societal Issues Outline
Download Presentation StS-Topic-Supervisors StS-Holding Socio-economy Network Categories Outline

Lists SocietalSystem-Topics for Global Supervisors
Each Link opens a WebList and carries a corresponding, modulable Table-File and a Presentation-File for download.
All Topics and Supervisor Possitions are combined in oneTable-File, Presentation-File and a DataBase, available for download below.
A separate Page-File-Presentation is becoming available per Global Supervisor Function,
featuring their profile, required competences, tasks description, training programs and cooperation conditions.

( Approximate number of Supervisors per category )
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors SocietalSystem-Operating Topics and Entities ( Global: 25+ )
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors SocietalSystemTree Groups ( 10 Groups + 31 Sections )
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors SocietalSystem-Domains  ( 27 )
  SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors Societal Sectors  ( 32 Sectors + 500+ SubSectors )
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors Current Global-Local Societal Issues  ( 10s )
  SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors Conventional Alternative Holistic Sciences and Disciplines  ( 200+ )
  SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors Arts Techniques Technologies  ( 200+ )
  SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors World Geo-Territories  ( 25+ )
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors World Meta-Network Local Convivial Micro-Entities

SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Model Page-Table-Presentation Set
Profile, Competences, Values and Principles, Task Description, Practical Aspects, Training Program

Pilot Global Supervisors 2013-2014- Selected from the above Lists
each including a range of related other Global Supervisors Topics
They constitute a major part of the training tasks
of the first series of  the Global Diagonal Training Programs., programmed for 2013-2014.
Selection Key-Projects
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor SocietalSystem-System Info-ICT
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor SocietalSystem-Centers
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Streets Surveys
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Local Spatial Plans 2025 Programs
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Global-Local Societal Top-Indicators DashBoard
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Global-Local Co-Governance Platforms-Programs
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Societal Transition Plans 2020+
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Global-Local Public Budgets Platforms
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Convivial Socio-economy System
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Workshops-for-All
Selection Meta-Projects
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor North-South Co-Transition
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Méta-Plan Europe-Afrique
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Societal Missions
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Rural Revitalization and Re-Migration Plans
Selection Societal Entities
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Public Institutions
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Business Enterprises
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor NonProfit Organizations NGOs
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Citizens
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Schools
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Media
Selection Societal Sectors
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Tourism Sector
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Agriculture Forestry Fisheries Sector
Selection Sciences and Disiplines
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Economics
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Law
Selection Current Global-Local Societal Issues
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor (Un)Employment
Selection Networks Local Convivial Micro-Entities
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Meta-Network Local Guest Houses and Rooms
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Meta-Network Local CarShare Units
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor World Meta-Network Local Techno Shops
Selection Geo-Territories
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Africa Continent
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Europe Continent
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor European Union
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Région de Bruxelles
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Regio Vlaanderen, België
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Provincie Limburg, België
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Province d'Essaouira, Maroc
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor Portugal
SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisor PALOP African Portuguese language Countries

See also: SocietalSystem Diagonal Global Pilot Training Programs 2013-2014

Download Files
Table-File Global SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors
Presentation-File Global SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors
DataBase-File Global SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors
All pages and files on the Global Supervisors are being integrated and searchable in multicriteria way,
in the SocietalSystem-FindEngine, the Whole-SocietalSystem Database

SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors Training Learning Coaching Syllabus
Training Program SocietalSystem-Topics Global Supervisors

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SocietalSystem Topic-Supervisors Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
Training Program SocietalSystem Topic-Supervisors

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