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Humanity's Operating Complex
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SocietalSystem Master Training Courses

Training courses for SocietalSystem Geo-Territorial and Sectoral Supervisors, SocietalSystem Research-Editors, 
SocietalSystem Coaches and Consultants, SocietalSystem Freelancers, SocietalSystem Global and Regional Partners, ...
Combined languages: english, french, portuguese, arabic, dutch, german, spanish, ...
Possibly to be organized, from june 2017 anywhere in the world.

1. SocietalSystem Master Training Course 3 Months
2. SocietalSystem Master Training Course 1 Month
3. SocietalSystem Master Training Introductory Conferences
4. SocietalSystem Master Training Introductory Course One Week

Shotly online
Standard Program of a Basic StS-Master Training Course 2017
Standard Selected Key-Documents Basic StS-Master Training Course 2017

1. SocietalSystem 3 Months Master Training Course
Up to 15 Participants ... € ( + Travel, Accommodation, Catering at own expenses ) + Taxes
Equals ... € per Hour per Participant
Includes: SocietalSystem-Key per Participant, Course Theory + Practical Applications, Project Excursions, etc.
+ Official Recognition as SocietalSystem-Freelancer, with priotrity right for SocietalSystem-Function.

2. SocietalSystem Master Training Course 1 Month
For Participants with previously basic introduction to SocietalSystem Research-Editing and SocietalSystem-Info-ICT Systems.
Fee for group of up to 20 Participants: ... €.

3. SocietalSystem Master Training One-Day Introductory Conferences

... € + Travel, Lodging and Catering for Conferencists

4. SocietalSystem  Master Training One Week
Introductory Course
... € + Travel, Lodging and Catering for Conferencists

Includes up to 3 Introductory Days, with % revenue for organizers.

SocietalSystem Master Training Course May-July 2016 ( french-english-arabic )
SocietalSystem Master Training Course in Orphan Home El Bernoussi Casablanca, Morocco
A model societal organization and responsable socio-economy initiative for the world.

CoordinationBoudewijn de Graeve,, skype: societalsystem

SocietalSystem ( StS )