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European Union  Citizens' steered
Deliberations and (S)Elections Platform

European Union Co-Governance Deliberations and Elections. Citizens' Follow-up and Intervention.
Adapting societal governance, read politics, to the omni-connected world,
and to the emerging conscience on the need for systemic solutions for our disturbed society and environment.

See SocietalSystem-Platforms, each 500+ Pages-Files, of all Europe Countries on:
World Geo-Territories Central BasicSites

SocietalSystem is looking for Societal Candidates at the European Parliament Elections 2019,
as well as for Local Societal Co-Governance Trainers and Coaches. 

Parallel initiatives are being launched in all countries, in Europe and in the World, for elections on national, regional and local level.

SocietalSystem is looking for Research-Editors to construct and manage a SocietalSystem-Documents
on each of the EU-Institutions and Sections and Initiatives,
as well as on each EU-Commissioner and MEP Member of the European Parliament, including submitting questions, surveys and proposals.
All related documents have to be modulable, also offline, and edited in english + the national-regional language,
while strictly respect the SocietalSystem-Communication deontology, which itself can be deliberated and adapted by editors and readers.

For similar functions, Research-Editors are welcome for each country and region.
See more info below.

European Parliament (S)Elections 2019 Campaign
Prepairing the 2019-2024 Era,
experiencing possibly the point-of-no-return for the planet's biosphere degradation.

Proposals Highlights
Citizens' Deliberations System with Periodical Referendums - (S)Elections Program
Full Transparency of Finance Contacts and Programmed or Projected Legal Proposals 
Effective Geo-Subsidiarity
- Transition towards Panergetic Index and Price System
Europe : All-inclusive 53 European Countries, from Portugal until the Ural.
No In-Ex International Meddling - Massive Europe-South Rural Development Program
3 Currency Levels-Types: World: Terra - Europe Inter-Nations: Euro - Regional-Local: eGloco

Download Diagram SocietalSystem-Plan European Parliament Elections 2019

Download Diagram European Parliament (S)Elections 2019
Similar project, in preparation for each Country and Region of Europe.

Shortly online:
European Union Top Functions 2019-2024 Citizens' steered Pre-Selection Program
European Parliament President,
President of the European Council, President of the European Commission,

European High Representative, Euro Council President
European Central Bank President, European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund President

European Economic and Social Committee President, ....
European Commission Members 2019-2024 Citizens' steered Pre-Selection Program

Some characteristics under consideration on the organization of the Societal Deliberations-Elections Programs,
as a start basis for research, editing, deliberations, co-decisions, test applications and sensibilization campaigns.
It is explicitely not the objective to create another political party, with statutes, party organs and congresses. 
It is indeed a totally new double-concept of citizens' steered:
per municipality, Societal Co-Governance Deliberation Programs, between 2015-2018, of Societal Co-Governance Guidelines for 2019-2024, 
in fact a training program on societal co-governance, as people are not educated to proactively take part in local-global societal co-decision processes,
followed by 
b. the preliminary indication of, from 2018, Candidates-Executives of the defined Guidelines during the 2019-2024 period,
including periodic updates and the possibility of, at any moment, replacing elected representatives by other people. 
See also European Network of Local Societal Centres ( Hubs )

1. The Candidates figure on the same Societal List, but remain directly and personally responsable towards the citizens, 
not towards the List, and even less towards SocietalSystem, functioning only as its official platform.
This initiative cannot be classified in a linear left-right, majority-opposition patern.
2. Societal Elected Representatives do not conclude coalition agreements with whatever political parties,
they do indeed vote, case per case, for any relevant proposal, from whatver member of any party, if, before, duly deliberated by the citizens.
3. Each Societal Candidate need to have a Own-Domain site, on which clearly all points of view, proposals, reactions and deliberation reports are published.
4. The use of any commercial "social network" is in principle excluded. SocietalSystem does, anyway, not link to any of these kind of platforms.
5. KCandidates participate proactively, in their constituancy, at the organization of Societal Deliberations, per topic and issue,  
and that on the basis of modulable SocietalSystem-Documents and Sites, to which they have access, within some technical conditions.
6. They refrain from participation in mediatic entertainment and infotainment performances.
7. The SocietalSystem-Initiative Societal Elections 2019 is projected to be financed by revenue from a range of activities
and with free contributions from Candidates and citizens.
See also Socio-economy Networks, European Union
Subventions and sponsoring are not accepted.
9. Your proposed characteristics of a societal elections system .......
More information, model sites and follow-up dossiers, shortly on this page.
Interested ?, skype: globplex.

Download the Table-File Societal Elections Characteristics, European Union
Download the Presentation-File Societal Elections Characteristics, European Union
for Research, School Applications, Citizens' Deliberations and Socio-economy Projects

Societal Election Proposals
In view of the European Parliament Elections 2019, SocietalSystem launches a series of  
Citizesn' steered Local and Regional Co-Governance Deliberation Programs, Surveys, Campagnes, and possibly Petitions.

Accordance the relevance, the same proposals are being launched
, currently in 5 languages, for deliberation and training in a series of countries.
Selected Proposals, with a SocietalSystem-Dossier per case:
101. Abolition of public subventions to political parties and related organizations.
102. Integral Transparency for all public and related institutions, acting on a public mandate
as Political Parties, Trade Unions, Health Insurance Entities, Public Enterprises, Associations of Local Governments, etc.,
including financial transactions, agendas, projects before voting, etc.
103. Elected representaties should be obliged to consult citizens, time before any voting or decision, 
through personal contacts and deliberations, and trhough online platforms, always including their own-domain site,
including the permanently updated publication of all legal and respectful reactions.

104. All major governance decisions have to be checked on their impact on the worldwide biosphere, continu in time,
and on the well-being of the now seven billion plus people in the world.

105. All major decisions have to be the object of a 2-Stages referendum.
The difference between votes pro and contra have to reach a percentage, to define. 
The object itself of these decisions have to be defined before, by a referendum.
106. Elected representatives bear Personal Responsability for all major decisions,
not previously voted through a citizens' deliberation and co-decision process,
up to 10 years after the voting.

Download the Table-File Societal Election Proposals, European Union
Download the Presentation-File Societal Elections Proposals, European Union
for Research, School Applications, Citizens' Deliberations and Socio-economy Projects

Crowd-Construction DataBase-File Societal Elections Proposals, European Union

available on request to proactive participants in SocietalSystem-Research, Editing and Applications

See also, Sites under construction: 
Horizontal Navigation Page SocietalSystem-Sites Societal Proposals Site per Country, World
All Proposals are being integrated in a Multicriteria DataBase,for cross-over combination.

Elected MEPS , European Parliament, with under construction, Follow-up Site per MEP 
with Modulable Table-Files and Presentation-Files for download
voor Research, School Projects, Surveys, Deliberations, Petitions, Follow-up and Citizens' steered Governance. 
SocietalSystem-Site European Union 
Platform voor Burgers' gestuurd Societaal Beleid van het Vlaams Parlement en Verkozen Parlementsleden. 

Crowd-Program 2015-2020 Training Societal Transition, European Union 
Het basisprogramma voor de vorming van burgers, privaat en professioneel
en voor de begeleiding van de Deliberaties in het Societaal Verkiezingsplan, Regio Vlaanderen.

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SocietalSystem is looking for a Supervisor of the Crowd-Construction and Monitoring of each European Union Site.
More info ?

These functions will gradually become paid according the creation and rentabilization of,
between other sources, the European Union.

Training Program European Parliament Elections 2019
European Parliament Elections 2019 Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
Research-Editors, Trainers, Speakers welcome ...

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