SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Societal Organization Platform,
in connection with and steered by
a Network of Personal and Entities Own-Domain Sites,
replacing the current mode of public governance,
entities management and personal way of life, locally-to-globally.
Projected to be active, locally-to-globally, towards 2030, and to be prepared from now, with top priority.

The European Parliament elections of 2024 are an opportunity to trigger the whole project, with worldwide impact.

societal = related to the dynamics of the whole of society

societal system = complex of ideas, instruments, infrastructures and initiatives to organize society.
holistic = covering all aspects of the world and humanity
2025 = according the latest UN IPCC projections of april 2022, 2025 is the point-of-no-return of the degradation of the biosphere
Most post-covid programs are not societally systemic positive, generating iatrogenic effects, i.e. worsen the system.
Welcome to SocietalSystem ( StS ) !

SocietalSystem Synoptic Meta-SiteMap
Featuring currently more than 15 million modulable documents, free to replicate,
 and numerous online interactive sites
 on all local-global geo-territories, disciplines and societal sectors and issues.
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And for every citizen and entity to create:

Personal and Professional Own-Domain Site System

SocietalSystem is not a "website", but a collective platform for local citizens' steered re-engineering of society,
in order to raise humanity's mental-societal age, enabling the regeneration of the eath's biosphere and restore social conviviality.
All "websites" should gradually contain the local-global societal and holistic impact of their objects.

SocietalSystem should become a "diagonal discipline", pervading and orienting societally and holistically,
all kinds of learning, education and training, from home-learning to doctorates.

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using, in, this expression example:
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by any other term
of your interest.

Societal Crowd-Research System-Program 2030
Putting in quest-ion, the functioning of the whole society, per m, per sector, per entity.
Looking together to systemic solutions.

Societal Systemic Legislation Crowd-Plan 2030

Dozens of linked proposals for reorganizing dozens of aspects of legislation,
including the legislation process itself, this time down-up, citizens' steered.
Indeed, the central initiative for any successful transition program.

Person-Planet Alliances
Replacing party-politics by citizens' steered down-up societal crowd-governance.
Among other tasks, executing the societal systemic legislation proposals.

EU Citizens' steered Societal Deliberations and (S)Elections 2024 Plan
Introducing in practice, with modulable tools and local initiatives,
Citizens' steered Societal Co-Governance of the European Union,
its Member Countries, Regions and Municipalities.

Societal Rural Micro-Regions, and pilot Algarve, Portugal
one of the key-solutions for saving or regenerating the earth's climate and its biodiversity,
generate full employment and local sustainable and inclusive socio-economy, worldwide.

World Campaign Societal Streets and Roads Surveys
Any initiative for socio-economic analysis and development should forcebly be based on this,
and would, without it, miss the essence for societal systemic governance transition.

Global-Local Societal Graduate
Theses 2030 Program
Implying universities and polyt echnical schools directly
in elaborating societal systemic solutions for their area and for the world.

General Site Panergetic Index and Price System

Replacement of the GDP and Prices, adjusted by their energy consumption
and generated corrective expenses, over the whole life cycle of products and services.

Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites and Offline Sets

Independent and  globally connected as well.
No external interference. Full ownership of data.


Frequently Consulted References, per Web or Mail


The Guardian ( UK ) - De Standaard ( BE ) - Diario de Noticias ( PT ) - Bloomberg ( USA ) - WEF World Economoic Forum ( SW )
Novethic ( FR ) - Reporterre ( FR ) - Recuperar Portufal ( PT ) - Le Figaro ( FR ) - Jornal do Algarve ( PT )
Algarve Resident ( PT ) - Portugal News ( PT ) - COR Commitee of the Regions ( EU ) - ORU World Regions ( ? )
Le Monde ( FR ) - IPCC ( SW )

Inspiring People on Societal Systemic Approaches, per Web or Mail

Jean-Marc Jancovici ( FR ) - Dennis Meadows ( UK ) - Idesbald Goddeeris ( BE ) - Antonio Guterres ( UN )
Michel Collon ( BE ) - Dominique Rousseau ( BE ) -


Date: 01.07.2022

SocietalSystem ( StS )