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Artificial intelligence? No, thank you!
Natural wisdom, yes please!

Humanity's top challenges 2024 to 2030, suggested as root basis for all elections, worldwide.
Stop all wars and dito insane
discours. Dismantle NATO and other military alliances.
Submit belligerent leaders to an openly published psychological test.
 Unify Europe from Portugal to the Ural, and from Iceland to Istanbul.
Withdraw all military presence from abroad, only in strict conditions being replaced by UN-Forces.
Restore and recognize Palestine and other occupied regions in the world, as in(ter)dependent states..
Compensate developping countries for centuries of exploitation.
Restore nature worldwide from centuries of degradation.
Launch a back-to-one-planet production and consumption pattern.
Revive natural intelligence acquisition, specially in education.
Your suggestions: ..... ?
All proposals above are the object of a wide range of workable solution dossiers and files,
published throughout, net and org,
and, hopefully, numerous other platforms, including yours.

A projection exercise:
Features as AI and Bitcoins consume enormous amounts of energy, without which they cannot function.
So, if we question
an advanced AI generator, of what next to do to save the world, before 2030,
 it will answer: "close the internet completely, immediately, worldwide".
How to insure us? Going back to natural and convivial ways of living, as much as possible in rural areas ...
Your reaction? send it to

See also StS-Dossiers Creative and Solidary Sobriety and Citizens' "I decide" Movement"

Scope of what has to be done to save the earth's biosphere. An example.
Electric cars are made with, and cannot be made without ... oil!
More, in many countries, as in Poland, electricity is largely generated with ...oil!
Switching from petrol cars to electric cars is a major, if not the fatal form of greenwashing.
Solution: radically adapt the number of cars to the real use of them,
which makes 75% of all cars in the world superfluous.
This iatrogenic phenomenon, i.e. the result worsens the pathology, is present throughout all sectors of society,
leading to the current impasse in mainly politics worldwide, but also in household income and spending.

Indeed, the growing overuse of even more technology for corrections of its already largely overuse,
constitutes the major source of problems of today, in all sectors of society and in all spheres of private life.
We are living indeed a phenomenon of global iatrogenic, read illusionary growth.

But there are positive alternatives, still not too late to implement.
They include initiatives of creative sobriety, to introduce with top priority, worldwide.
All coming elections and governance programs should put this on top.

In this sense, a citizens' deciding movement has to be created to steer this option.

It includes a series of initiatives to be organized in every neighborhood and village,
always within regional networks, and all of them globally connected.
This is the root 'raison d'Ítre' of Societalsystem and its correlate

Important is to notice that there is no global or national system in place that can counter
the climate and social threads now upcoming, according a study in magazine of  december 6 2023,
outlining the tipping points already past and others nearly and even other still to avoid.

So which solutions? Local citizens' initiatives, regionally connected and coordinated.

A related pilot project for local-regional transition is under development and deliberation:
Project Proposal 2024: Portugal, Alentejo Societal Plan 2030

Festival Rural Alentejo 2024
(Date ? Place?)

Rural revival and repopulation event proposal.
Innovative formula, with sectoral cluster stands, societal deliberations,
sustainable socio-economy and technologies demonstrations.

Emphasis on citizen proactivation, organic agriculture, healthy local food, regional production and commerce
related school projects and academic theses, and engaging lifelong learning for all.
Objective: 4 days, 150 stands, 50+ events.
A pilot project for the whole rural world.

Pilot projects for rural revitalization in a systemic way,

involving all aspects of the region, connected.
A complement to the related current regional, national and EU-programs.
Proposed to all sectors of society, from schools to business,
as well as to societal governance entities, read politics.
A pilot model for the thousands of rural regions of the world.

Related sites and programs inlcude (most linked sites are currently under review):
* Crowd-Editing of citizens' tools for local-to-global governance participation,
addressing innovative, disruptive governance proposals,
* Societal home workshops and Local societal workshops, in e-networks
* Societal topics integrating school disciplines and academic theses
* Citizens' local-global applications of and impact on the UN SDGs Sustainable Development Goals 2030
* Citizens' local-global applications of and impact on the UN Climate Change Program
* Citizens' orquestrated (S)Elections, starting with the European Parliament Elections 2024
* Last but not least: city-countryside migration research, deliberation and implementation cases:
Lisbon--Porto as well as Brussels migration to the Alentejo region, Portugal project
with focus on rural revitalization, as proposed by a platform.

Future Risks AXA Report 2023 published october 2023
A welcome multi-sectoral approach, much beyond the, still very important, co≤ and other climate indicators.
Shortly an StS-Dossier and Events,
with local-global and trans-sector applications and societal solutions.

The 2023 State of the Climate Report: entering unchartered territory
For whom is not yet convinced of the urgent need for a radical shift in societal organization to avoid a geo-catastrophy on short to mid-term,
please read this report, published on the 24th of october 2023

SocietalSystem + related systemic key-proposals:
"I decide" Citizens' Movement
the category entities that have the most direct impact on the global socio-economy and governance
towards One Planet Eco-Footprint and Social Equity, worldwide
through a massive movement of Creative Sobriety, driven by an Excess Consumption Strike,
which is more than 60% of all current consumption, worldwide.
There is no alternative to save our planet. As the summer of 2023 has clearly proven!

Start operational event:
European Parliament Citizens' steered (S)Elections 2024
Core proposals based on the application of creative sobriety,
in all sectors of society, and in all spheres of life, worldwide.
See also: 
Innovative, Disruptive Governance Proposals,

Related Local Workshops and Home-Workshops programs soon online.
Societal Booklets series in preparation, to be published from november 2023.

Applied to city and countryside regeneration and remigration.
Thinking model: Brussels Region, Belgium > Alentejo Region, Portugal

In order to avoid the collapse of the global eco-system and humanity itself,
the following measures are unavoidable, to start implementing before 2030, worldwide:
* Reducing animal based food production and consumption
with 75 %
* Reducing individual car possession and use with 75 %
* Reducing smoking with 100 %
* Reducing pleasure air transport with 75 %
* Reducing fossil energy sources with 75 %
And what to enhance ? See above.

All other theories are an ultimate attempt of greenwashing,
with a iatrogene impact, i.e.worsen the situation.

Extensive, still synoptic outline of the SocietalSystem Platform

Date: 28.02.2024



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