In shocking times only shocking truths are real
and only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.

Without some major shocks the planet and humanity cannot restore the damage done by the, still unstoppable,
and human conviviality disruptive shocks of the last 250 years.
Just in time still, not to change but to radically replace the whole system,
from thinking over governing up to organizing the local-global socio-economy.

SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Societal Organization Platform

Crowd-project for establishing a citizens' steered viable and convivial society, towards 2030
in order to avoid an irreversible collapse of the earth's eco-system and humanity's extinction.
Key-components include a databank of modulable documents, a program of societal regenerating research and learning,
a deliberative societal governance and management system and a panergetically sound socio-economy model.

Central problem of the world's existential crisis, now evolving, is
humanity's perception of the nature and its consequent mishandling of money.
World Finance System, with World Fake Finance Complex diagram for download.
Global crowd-research program in preparation for 2023,
featuring the demystification of money and its systemic, read panergetic reset in all its aspects and applications.
Without resolving the mercantilist money aberration, reminiscent for the dominant mental-societal age of mankind,
there is no solution for poverty, pollution, violence, disease, etc.

Complementary Problem: the incapacity of current Politics, read public governance,
not at least in relation the proper survival of the biosphere, read climate action,
as perceived by 80+ % of population, according an article in Le Figaro of October 27, 2022.
And to which SocietalSystem offers a complex of projects, for research,
starting at the European Parliament elections of mai 2024.

Transition? Rather, regeneration!

Person-Planet Societal Regenerating
campaign 2030
'Back to one planet eco-footprint, worlwide for everyone!'
with or without humanity ...

General Site Campaign Back to One Planet Eco-Footprint
with systemic solutions for every entity and citizen, some of them shocking however inevitable.
Eco-Footprint, equivalent consumed planets, countries examples ( ):
USA: 8,22 - Belgium; 7,44 - France: 5,14 - China: 3,38 - RDCongo: 0,82 ...
Series of Eco-Footprint Surveys for a selection of entities and people.( soon online )

Site in full pre-construction and crowd-research

250 years of techno-mercantilism, linear science and education and party-politics have lead
towards a nearly irreversable degeneration
of the biosphere and of human interaction and health.

Related Site Series, each with 250+ Geo-Territories Sites, include:
General Site Societal Regenerating Coaches
General Site Societal Regenerating Entities
General Site Societal Regenerating Training Programs
General Site Societal Regenerating Legislation

General Site Societal Regenerating Coaching Programs
General Site Societal Regenerating Surveys Audits Coaching Programs

Societally systemic sine qua non top-measures 2030
all object of Societal Crowd-Research:
Lifting up the mental-societal age of mankind., necessary for applying the next societal root measures,
one of the root-causes of the lack of action against climate change and other local-global mega-problems,,
not at least by the highest level researchers, politicians and entrepreneurs , worldwide
2. Totally review, societally, the disciplines Law, Economy and Management,
roots of the techno-mercantilist destruction of the biosphere and human conviviality
3. Replace the
GDP by the Panergetic Index and mercantilist prices by Panergetic Prices.
Abolish the positive and negative interest system, towards an interest-free finance system.
Without these, no other single initiative will reverse the current degradation of life.

Under crowd-research and -construction
List of StS-Proposed Back to One Planet Eco-Footprint Top-Measures per Country
with 'One Planet Eco-Footprint Compability Rating" for products, services and events.

Key-Projects to trigger the 'Back to One Planet' movement
Societal Home-Workshops - 'I decide' Citizens Movement = what can you do, with local-global impact
Family Expenses Check-ups - Entities Audits -
Streets and Roads Societal Surveys - Creative Sobriety
Local Societal Workshops - Societal Applications Study Disciplines - Societal Theses
Societal (S)Elections System with Test EP Elections 2024 - Person-Planet Alliances

Directory of Pioneering Societal Governance Proposals
example:  Lifelong Joint and Several Liability of Government Members and Elected Officers

Key-Projects to drive the 'Back to One Planet' movement
SocietalSystem Socio-economy Holding
100+ Regional Networks, priorities include: ForFuture Warehouses - Local Food Security Warehouse
Societal Rural Micro-Regions - Societal Convivial Neighborhoods - ...

Possible Global Regeneration Campaign Route:
Algarve > Portugal > Spain > Brussels > Western Europe > World
cfr The discoveries and globalization path since the 15th century.

International Climate Calendar 2022

September 13-27: 77th General UN Assembly - October 3: Publication 6th IPCC Report
November 8-18: COP27, in Egypt - December 5-15: COP15 on Biodiversity, in China
Related StS-Dossiers for citizens' proactive participation shortly online.


SocietalSystem Synoptic SiteMap
Featuring currently more than 15 million modulable documents, free to replicate,
 and numerous online interactive sites
 on all local-global geo-territories, disciplines and societal sectors and issues.
SocietalSystem-Conceptus > SocietalSystem Info-ICT System > SocietalSystem-DataBank
> SocietalSystem Crowd-Research Platform > SocietalSystem Societal Governance Platform
> SocietalSystem Socio-economy System
 SocietalSystem Learning Platform > SocietalSystem Communication Platform

Key-Entities for Citizens' steered Societal Organization
Local Societal Centers
Ideally, one per 5.000-10.000 inhabitants, worldwide

SocietalSystem Operating Entities - SocietalSystem Supervizors
SocietalSystem Application Packages for Societal Entities Categories
SocietalSystem Staff Master Training

SocietalSystem Interest Groups
People can roughly be classified in 3 layers, respectively 1, 9 and 90 % of the population,
representing the conceptors and inventors, the executors, and the users or appliers.
SocietalSystem is ultimately made for capacitating common citizens
to proactively taking part in the whole decision making process of society,

For now, it is in its concepting phase, the estimated 1 % of society,
readying the 9 % for executing the project,
and coaching the 90 % to deliberate and apply it.
Note: this classification does not refer to intellectual, professional or wealth level.

Search through
using, in, this expression example:'mathematics'
without the quotes
, replacing the term mathematis  by any other term of your interest.

Frequently Consulted References


The Guardian ( UK ) - De Standaard ( BE ) - Diario de Noticias ( PT ) - Bloomberg ( USA ) - WEF World Economoic Forum ( SW )
Novethic ( FR ) - Reporterre ( FR ) - Recuperar Portugal ( PT ) - Le Figaro ( FR ) - Jornal do Algarve ( PT )
Algarve Resident ( PT ) - Portugal News ( PT ) - COR Commitee of the Regions ( EU ) - ORU World Regions ( ? )
Le Monde ( FR ) - IPCC ( SW )

Inspiring People on Societal Systemic Approaches

Jean-Marc Jancovici ( FR ) - Dennis Meadows ( UK ) - Idesbald Goddeeris ( BE ) - Antonio Guterres ( UN )
Michel Collon ( BE ) - Dominique Rousseau ( BE ) - Artur Keller ( Fr ) - Prof. Gemenne ( BE ) - Xavier Fettweis ( BE )


Date: 27.10.2022


SocietalSystem ( StS )