An existential paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's Operating Complex
"Societal" = covering all sectors of society and personal life. Not to confuse with social = human well-being.
"System" = integrated complex of conventions, communication instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
Governments do not steer society as a whole, they organize public domain products, services and events for a given geo-territory.
Steering society is each citizens' de facto responsability.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) is proposed as its systemic platform.
Plateform currently under review.
A range of sites and documents under restructuring.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) is a proactive collaborative societal organization platform,
in its structure, content as well in its applications.

Condition, morally, to use StS includes the commitment to communicate any error of any kind to the
appropriate StS-Research-Editing Coordinator, if indicated, with a copy to or, if not indicated, only to

This is an application of a key-principle throughout SocietalSystem:
instead of criticizing anything, advancing nonlinear unbiased analyses, alternatives and well-documented solutions.

SocietalSystem-DataBank - SocietalSystem-Program - SocietalSystem-Holding
The 3 pillars of any complete societal organization system.

Information Research Governance Management Learning Communication.
Explore the theoretical bases and practical applications throughout the linked sites below.

e-Région Sociétale Pilote, Province de Ouarzazate, Maroc
Your province, préfecture, city or region should be another StS-Pilot.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Mission
A proactive citizens' staged collaborative down-up "Coûp d'Etat Mental"

Diagram "SocietalSystem" Societal Function
Replacing the 20th century top-down techno-mercantilist status quo
by the 21st century convivial societal organization model.
Eradicating, externally steered, sovereign, enterprise and citizen's debt and other inappropriate dependencies
by national, regional and local sustainable and inclusive socio-economy dynamics.
By empowering citizens to take on their personal responsability for creating a better world.

Launch the debate, question your friends, family and collegues,
as well your elected representatives and other main societal actors !
Create a Personal or Professional Own-Domain Site and publish your opinion and findings.

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SocietalSystem ( StS )
Spread the word, save the world ...

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