An existential paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's Operating Complex
"Societal" = covering all sectors of society and personal life. Not to confuse with social = human well-being.
"System" = integrated complex of conventions, communication instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
Governments do not steer society as a whole, they organize public domain products, services and events for a given geo-territory.
Steering society is each citizens' de facto responsability.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) is proposed as its systemic platform.

Stop using the "1 vs. 99 %" alibi !
Join the construction , management and realization of a new viable Societal Organization Platform and Movement.
Proactive citizens with vision welcome for the dozens of leading positions now available.
And, en passant, read this, but for now keep it quiet ... and this: Societal Salary System,
and even this., which could take 15 % of the world's economy towards 2025,
and a powerfull systemic initiative for climate saving, without any finance need, nor new legislation, ...

Plus, for citizens of Europe ( the whole continent, from Portugal to the Ural ) with regional interest, look at that,
powered by their really down-up capacitating Personal or Profesional Own-Domain Sites+Sets.

Specially in view of a challenging and disruptive Societal Expo-Congress in 2019.
Other continents follow suite ...

Project Societal Expo-Congresses 2018, Alentejo, Portugal
Convergence of Systemic Solutions for an Exponential Shift 
in Societal Governance, Socio-economy and Personal Lifestyle.
Focus: Europe Mediterranean Africa, Rural Revitalization Urban e-Rationalization
Launching a systemic, globally concerted answer, with top-priority, to this.
Read also UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2017

Local view, global dynamics, wholistic inspiration.
StS-Picture, Cork Trees, Alentejo, Portugal
World model region for Rural Revitalization, with a staggering societal investment potential.

Listen. SocietalSystem Anthem 2.09 min. ©

SocietalSystem ( StS ) constitutes a global-local systemic viable replacement for the outdated, techno-mercantilist society model,
and dito way of personal life, of the last centuries,
now resulting in a range of growing corrective expenses, worldwide more than 50% of GDP, including a nearly unrepairable environment,
a renewed arms race, uncontrolable local violence, again rising hunger, etc.
Nonlinear thinking, ethics and panergetic socio-economy are the dominant drivers of the SocietalSystem project.

Worldwide rural revitalization
in a societal enterprise way, organized in geo-territorial clusters,
and parallel city>countryside as well as north-south re-migration, are the main socio-economy projects.

include: Nonlinear thinking, panergetic index and price system, holistic crowd-research, proactive citizen steered deliberative governance,
beyond partypolitics, e-rational management, local-global connected maxima-minima income and wealth,
transparent, sharing, recycling, geo-territorially and sectorally clustering socio-economy, rural revitalizing, growing organically; connecting, intelligent communication,
minimalist aesthetic display, worldwide socially inclusive, ethics always to dominate formal law, ...

See also Cognitive Demystifications.

   The StS-Platform combined with the StS-associated Own-Domain Sites+Sets Platform is the largest internet feature ever conceived.
Its concerted implementation, StS-Platform + StS-driven Own-Domains, the StS-Sphere, equals a disruptive innovation of the internet and online-offline interaction.
Every single human being, billions, and each societal entity, hundreds of millions, 
as well as every single geo-territory and societally relevant topic, thousands, are handled and cross-over connectable.
More, their basic documents are workable even offline !
Differentiated presence throughout the whole StS-Sphere will become vital for any local-global public institution, 
enterprise, nonprofit organization, school and citizen.
See also: Thinking Model StS-World Revenue Estimation 2020+
Consolidated turnover potential of the whole StS-Sphere.

The StS-Platform + the StS-connected, every human being's interdependent Personal Own-Domain Site+Set.
Some links not yet active, all sites under review.
1. SocietalSystem Complex Basics
SocietalSystem Root Considerations on Complexity, the Earth, Human Society and current Transition
 - SocietalSystem Concepts and Root-Conventions Charter - SocietalSystem Root Cubes Set: Cognitive, Organizational, Operational
SocietalSystem Info-ICTSocietalSystem Operating Platform - SocietalSystem Global-Local Operating Entities
SocietalSystem Executives, Managers, Staff and Cooperants Model
SocietalSystem ConsortiumsSocietalSystem Supervisors - SocietalSystem World and e-Regions Governance e-Resorts
SocietalSystem Thematic Cluster Agencies - SocietalSystem Sectoral Cluster Corporates
2. SocietalSystem 3 Pillars-Dimensions
SocietalSystem-DataBank - SocietalSystem-Interactivities
 SocietalSystem-Societal Dynamization Platform - Societal Crowd-Research Platform - Societal Governance Platform
SocietalSystem-Holding Local-Global Socio-economy and Finance -
Transversal: SocietalSystem-Societal Learning Training - Societal School Applications
3. Societal Segments
StS-Geo-Territories Platform - StS-Disciplines Platform - StS-Societal Sectors Platform - StS-SocietalEntities Platform
4. SocietalSystem Local-Global Communication
 StS-Communication Program
Dashboard Pilot Geo-Territories: World, Belgium Regions, Alentejo Region, Portugal, Europe, European Union, Arabia, Morocco, Africa
SocietalSystem Diagonal and Horizontal Partnership - SocietalSystem Professional Entities Membership - SocietalSystem Private Citizens Membership
5.. SocietalSystem driven Own-Domains Sites+Sets Network
Own-Domains Sites+Sets Platform - Personal Own-Domains Sites+Sets - Professional Own-Domains Sites+Sets
6. Strategy Programs and Plans
Societal System Root Survey
What society we want, what kind of entities, what function in them we wish for ourselves ?
StS-Campaing Local Global Rural Revitalization
StS-Plan North-Middle-South Concerted Societal Transition 2025
Dashboard Pilot Geo-Territories: World, Belgium Regions, Alentejo Region, Portugal, Europe, European Union, Arabia, Morocco, Africa
SocietalSystem North-Mid-South Plan Agenda 2020
7. Scope and Impact
SocietalSystem Unique Features and Arguments
Societal Business Potential: Thinking Model StS-World Revenue Estimation 2020+ 
8. StS-Training and Spread
 StS-Conferences -  StS-Workshops -  StS-Master Training CoursesStS-Internship Programs
StS-Crowd-Conferences 3-Screen-Triptych
9. StS-Pilot Geo-Territories
Flanders, Belgium - Brussels, Belgium - Wallonia, BelgiumNetherlands
PortugalLisbon Area, PortugalCentral Pilot: Alentejo Region, Portugal - Algarve Region, Portugal
Morocco - Casablanca, Morocco - Essaouira Province, Morocco - MediterraneanArabia
TogoNigeriaCameroon - Guiné ( Conakri )  - DR Congo - Cape Verde - Senegal - Burkina FasoPALOP


StS-Classification Humanity
Humanity can be classified into 3 categories, related to their societal implementation,
independent from their wealth, health, social function, income or education degree:

1%: Societal visionaries, researchers, theoretici, conceptors, geo-territorial transition initiators and supervisors,  ...
9 % Societal editors, initiative executors, coordinators, producers, project managers, ...
90 % Users, consumers, participants of the above projects, products, initiatives, ...
SocietalSystem, in its current stage, needs people mainly from the 1 and the 9 %. You ?

StS-Crowd-Research-Editing Program
How to contribute to the Research-Editing of the SocietalSystem-DataBank,
including the StS-Online Interactive Platform
and possibly launch an ( extra ) income, from home, anywhere in the world ?

Select a geo-territory + select a title(s). Start research-editing.
Ask the related access code to the server. Upload.
Contact potential partners to buy links, join events, participate in projects.
Specially suppliers of all kind of equipment to regional and local enterprises and agro-forestry clusters,
now being prepared by StS, might be interested.
You can keep 10 to 50 % of the turnover, according the nature of the deal.
Case-related Text Links, for example, are sold at 10 € for a year. 100 Links for 500 €, 40 % of it you can keep, ...
Millions of new local enterprises have to be created, specially in rural areas.

Related to that, you can as well develop a business by promoting and coaching
StS-Connected Persoal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets.
The whole StS-Sphere is the most complete and workable platform for citizens' empowerment,
sine-qua-non to overcome current and future local-global societal crises.
Support can be provided by mail, skype or courses. skype: societalsystem.


StS-Intro and Training Program Examples
inducing innovative disruption experiences for participants, partners and their geo-territory, entity, sector, ...

In preparation for Ghent, Brussels, Namur, Belgium - Lisbon, Évora, Portugal - Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, Morocco
Kpalimé, Lomé, Togo - Kinshasa, Bandundu, Lumumbashi, Lomela, DR Congo - as well as at your place, on request ...

Introductory 1-Day StS-Conference Example, for Brussels, Portugal
Introductory 1-Week StS-Workshops and 1-Month Internship, for Alentejo, Portugal
Societal Street Survey and Societal Observatory Set-up Example, Brussels
SocietalSystem-Master 3-Months Training Example, Casablanca, Morocco

SocietalSystem ( StS )
Spread the word, save the world ...

: 15.11.2017

Skype: societalsystem