SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's Operating Complex

Multicriteria DataBase online of all Documents of the whole SocietalSystem-Platform.
Including as well a selection of Partner and Members' Own-Domain Site Documents
Project under construction mode. Online version in study.

System not yet active !

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SocietalSystem-FindEngine experimental model of the offline standalone version.
Download the preliminary Presntation-File SocietalSystem-FindEngine

Find instantly and exactly what you want, in millions of documents within the whole SocietalSystem-Platform.

Locate cognitively in 3D any group of topics, with the CognoCube Cognitive 3D Locator.
SocietalSystem-Partners, Professional Members and Private Members can have their documents integrated in the SocietalSystem-FindEngine.

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SocietalSystem ( StS )