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SocietalSystem constitutes a new discipline, covering all aspects of life and society in one integrated complex,
as far as the human mind is capable to percieve.

The spine of SocietalSystem is the Societal Flow, composed of
SocietalSystem-Charter of Concepts, Values and Root-Conventions >
Relevant Information > Crowd-Research > Citizens' steered Societal Co-Governance > Panergetical Socio-economy > Holistic Entities' Management.
The red thread of the flow is the Lifelong Learning, Training, Coaching and Consulting Program.
It is based on a Global Standard Info-ICT System, featuring Codified, Modulable Documents, also offline,
and connected through a Global Communication System.
SocietalSystem-Documents Flow on the SocietalSystem-DataBank homepage.
This Societal Flow is applied to all knowledge, disciplines, sciences, technologies, techniques and  arts and professions.
Each of the stages of this flow are essential parts of all SocietalSystem-Sites.

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