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Continents, SubContinents, Fonias and Countries.

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kdsa.wrdRegionalShops World (general)
  1 Continents  
kdsa.faf RegionalShops Africa (general)
kdsa.fam RegionalShops Americas (general)
kdsa.faz RegionalShops Antarctica
kdsa.fas RegionalShops Asia (general)
kdsa.fer RegionalShops Europe (general)
kdsa.foc RegionalShops Oceania
  2 Sub-Continents
kdsa.fca RegionalShops Central Americas
kdsa.fla RegionalShops Latin America
kdsa.fna RegionalShops North America
kdsa.fbx RegionalShops Arabia
kdsa.fsa RegionalShops South-East Asia
kdsa.fab RegionalShops Black Sub-Saharan Africa
kdsa.fee RegionalShops Eastern Europe
kdsa.few RegionalShops Western Europe
kdsa.feu RegionalShops European Union
kdsa.fxaRegionalShops Mediterranean Area
kdsa.fea RegionalShops Yellow Asia
  3 Fonias RegionalShops Anglofonia
kdsa.fai RegionalShops Arabofonia
kdsa.ffr RegionalShops Francofonia
kdsa.fge RegionalShops Germanofonia
kdsa.fhi RegionalShops Hispanofonia
kdsa.flu RegionalShops Lusofonia
kdsa.fne RegionalShops Netherlandofonia
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  4 Countries Africa
kdsa.fag RegionalShops Algeria - Algérie

kdsa.fak RegionalShops Angola
kdsa.fbn RegionalShops Benin
kdsa.fbw RegionalShops Botswana
kdsa.fbk RegionalShops Burkina Faso
kdsa.fuj RegionalShops Burundi
kdsa.fcm RegionalShops Cameroon
kdsa.fcv RegionalShops Cape Verde - Cabo Verde

kdsa.fce RegionalShops Central African Republic - République Centrafricaine
kdsa.ftd RegionalShops Chad
kdsa.fcr RegionalShops Comoros
kdsa.fcg RegionalShops Congo Brazaville
kdsa.fwi RegionalShops DR Congo Kinshasa
kdsa.fdj RegionalShops Djibouti
kdsa.feg RegionalShops Egypt
kdsa.fgq RegionalShops Equatorial Guinea
kdsa.fei RegionalShops Eritrea
kdsa.fet RegionalShops Ethiopia
kdsa.fga RegionalShops Gabon
kdsa.fgb RegionalShops Gambia
kdsa.fgh RegionalShops Ghana
kdsa.fgw RegionalShops Guinea-Bissau - Guiné-Bissau
kdsa.fgn RegionalShops Guinea
kdsa.fic RegionalShops Ivory Coast - Côte d'Ivoire
kdsa.fke RegionalShops Kenya
kdsa.fls RegionalShops Lesotho
kdsa.fli RegionalShops Liberia
kdsa.flb RegionalShops Libya
kdsa.fmg RegionalShops Madagascar
kdsa.fmw RegionalShops Malawi
kdsa.fma RegionalShops Mali
kdsa.fmu RegionalShops Mauritania
kdsa.fnb RegionalShops Mauritius
kdsa.fmo RegionalShops Morocco - Maroc
kdsa.fmq RegionalShops Mozambique - Moçambique
kdsa.fmb RegionalShops Namibia
kdsa.fng RegionalShops Niger
kdsa.fnr RegionalShops Nigeria
kdsa.frw RegionalShops Rwanda
kdsa.fst RegionalShops São Tomé e Príncipe
kdsa.fsn RegionalShops Senegal - Sénégal
kdsa.fsc RegionalShops Seychelles
kdsa.fse RegionalShops Sierra Leone
kdsa.fso RegionalShops Somalia
kdsa.fza RegionalShops South Africa (country)
kdsa.fsu RegionalShops Sudan
kdsa.fssRegionalShops South-Sudan
kdsa.fsq RegionalShops Swaziland
kdsa.ftz RegionalShops Tanzania
kdsa.ftg RegionalShops Togo
kdsa.ftn RegionalShops Tunisia Tunisie
kdsa.fug RegionalShops Uganda
kdsa.fwa RegionalShops Zambia
kdsa.fww RegionalShops Zimbabwe
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  5 Countries Americas
kdsa.faq RegionalShops Anguilla
kdsa.fat RegionalShops Antigua and Barbuda
kdsa.fae RegionalShops Argentina
kdsa.fvx RegionalShops Aruba
kdsa.fba RegionalShops Bahamas
kdsa.fbd RegionalShops Barbados
kdsa.fbl RegionalShops Belize
kdsa.fbm RegionalShops Bermuda
kdsa.fbo RegionalShops Bolivia
kdsa.fbr RegionalShops Brazil
kdsa.fcn RegionalShops Canada
kdsa.fky RegionalShops Cayman Islands
kdsa.fch RegionalShops Chile
kdsa.fco RegionalShops Colombia
kdsa.fcs RegionalShops Costa Rica
kdsa.fcu RegionalShops Cuba
kdsa.fdo RegionalShops Dominica
kdsa.fdm RegionalShops Dominican Republic
kdsa.fec RegionalShops Ecuador
kdsa.fel RegionalShops El Salvador
kdsa.fgl RegionalShops Greenland
kdsa.fgd RegionalShops Grenada
kdsa.fgp RegionalShops Guadeloupe
kdsa.fgt RegionalShops Guatemala
kdsa.fgg RegionalShops Guyana
kdsa.fha RegionalShops Haiti  
kdsa.fho RegionalShops Honduras
kdsa.fjm RegionalShops Jamaica
kdsa.fmk RegionalShops Martinique
kdsa.fme RegionalShops Mexico
kdsa.fmz RegionalShops Montserrat
kdsa.fni RegionalShops Nicaragua
kdsa.fpn RegionalShops Panama
kdsa.fpy RegionalShops Paraguay
kdsa.fpe RegionalShops Peru
kdsa.fpr RegionalShops Puerto Rico
kdsa.fsk RegionalShops Saint Kitts and Nevis
kdsa.fsl RegionalShops Saint Lucia
kdsa.fpm RegionalShops Saint Pierre and Miquelon
kdsa.fsv RegionalShops Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
kdsa.fsr RegionalShops Surinam  
kdsa.ftt RegionalShops Trinidad and Tobago
kdsa.ftc RegionalShops Turks and Caicos Islands
kdsa.fus RegionalShops United States
kdsa.fur RegionalShops Uruguay
kdsa.fve RegionalShops Venezuela
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  6 Countries Asia
kdsa.fah RegionalShops Afghanistan
kdsa.fbh RegionalShops Bahrain
kdsa.fbg RegionalShops Bangladesh
kdsa.fbt RegionalShops Bhutan
kdsa.fbf RegionalShops Brunei
kdsa.fcb RegionalShops Cambodia
kdsa.fci RegionalShops China
kdsa.fcc RegionalShops Cocos (Keeling) Islands
kdsa.fhk RegionalShops Hong Kong
kdsa.fin RegionalShops India
kdsa.fid RegionalShops Indonesia
kdsa.fia RegionalShops Iran
kdsa.fiq RegionalShops Iraq
kdsa.fil RegionalShops Israel
kdsa.fjp RegionalShops Japan
kdsa.fjo RegionalShops Jordan
kdsa.fka RegionalShops Kazakhstan
kdsa.fkw RegionalShops Kuwait
kdsa.flo RegionalShops Laos
kdsa.fle RegionalShops Lebanon
kdsa.fml RegionalShops Malaysia
kdsa.fmd RegionalShops Maldives
kdsa.fmj RegionalShops Mongolia
kdsa.fmm RegionalShops Myanmar (Burma)
kdsa.fnp RegionalShops Nepal
kdsa.fkp RegionalShops North Korea
kdsa.fom RegionalShops Oman
kdsa.fwe RegionalShops Palestine
kdsa.fpk RegionalShops Pakistan
kdsa.fph RegionalShops Philippines
kdsa.fqa RegionalShops Qatar
kdsa.fsd RegionalShops Saudi Arabia
kdsa.fsi RegionalShops Singapore
kdsa.fkr RegionalShops South Korea
kdsa.fsf RegionalShops Sri Lanka
kdsa.fri RegionalShops Syria
kdsa.ftw RegionalShops Taiwan
kdsa.ftj RegionalShops Tajkistan
kdsa.fth RegionalShops Thailand RegionalShops Turkey
kdsa.ftm RegionalShops Turkmenistan
kdsa.fua RegionalShops United Arab Emirates
kdsa.fub RegionalShops Uzbekistan
kdsa.fvn RegionalShops Vietnam
kdsa.fym RegionalShops Yemen
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  7 Countries Europe
kdsa.fal RegionalShops Albania
kdsa.fad RegionalShops Andorra
kdsa.faw RegionalShops Armenia
kdsa.fos RegionalShops Austria
kdsa.faj RegionalShops Azerbaijan
kdsa.fbs RegionalShops Belarus
kdsa.fbe RegionalShops Belgium - Belgique - België
kdsa.fbb RegionalShops Bosnia and Herzegovina
kdsa.fbu RegionalShops Bulgaria
kdsa.fct RegionalShops Croatia
kdsa.fcp RegionalShops Cyprus, Republic of
kdsa.fkb RegionalShops Cyprus, Turkish
kdsa.fez RegionalShops Czech Republic
kdsa.fde RegionalShops Denmark
kdsa.fes RegionalShops Estonia
kdsa.ffi RegionalShops Finland
kdsa.ffa RegionalShops France
kdsa.fgo RegionalShops Georgia
kdsa.fgr RegionalShops Germany
kdsa.fgc RegionalShops Greece
kdsa.fhu RegionalShops Hungary
kdsa.fis RegionalShops Iceland
kdsa.fie RegionalShops Ireland RegionalShops Italy
kdsa.fko RegionalShops Republic of Kosovo
kdsa.fkg RegionalShops Kyrgyzstan
kdsa.flt RegionalShops Latvia
kdsa.flc RegionalShops Liechtenstein
kdsa.flh RegionalShops Lithuania
kdsa.flg RegionalShops Luxembourg
kdsa.fmc RegionalShops Republic of Macedonia
kdsa.fmt RegionalShops Malta
kdsa.fmv RegionalShops Moldova
kdsa.fmn RegionalShops Monaco
kdsa.fmr RegionalShops Montenegro
kdsa.fnt RegionalShops Netherlands
kdsa.fno RegionalShops Norway
kdsa.fpd RegionalShops Poland
kdsa.fpo RegionalShops Portugal
kdsa.frm RegionalShops Romania
kdsa.fru RegionalShops Russian Federation
kdsa.fsm RegionalShops San Marino
kdsa.feb RegionalShops Serbia
kdsa.fsy RegionalShops Slovakia
kdsa.fsg RegionalShops Slovenia
kdsa.fsp RegionalShops Spain
kdsa.fsh RegionalShops Sweden
kdsa.fsw RegionalShops Switzerland
kdsa.fuf RegionalShops Ukraine
kdsa.fuu RegionalShops United Kingdom
kdsa.fvt RegionalShops Vatican City
kdsa.fvo RegionalShops Voyvodina
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  8 Countries Oceania
kdsa.fau RegionalShops Australia
kdsa.fck RegionalShops Cook Islands
kdsa.ffj RegionalShops Fiji
kdsa.fkc RegionalShops Kiribati
kdsa.fmf RegionalShops Marshall Islands
kdsa.fnu RegionalShops Nauru
kdsa.fnc RegionalShops New Caledonia
kdsa.fnl RegionalShops New Zealand
kdsa.fnz RegionalShops Niue
kdsa.fmp RegionalShops Northern Marianas Islands
kdsa.fpl RegionalShops Palau
kdsa.fpg RegionalShops Papua New Guinea
kdsa.fpi RegionalShops Pitcairn Island
kdsa.fsb RegionalShops Solomon Islands
kdsa.ftk RegionalShops Tokelau
kdsa.fto RegionalShops Tonga
kdsa.ftv RegionalShops Tuvalu
kdsa.fvu RegionalShops Vanuatu
kdsa.fwf RegionalShops Wallis and Futuna
kdsa.fow RegionalShops Samoa

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