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StS-Societal Governance

World Societal Gorvenance Organization Project
StS-Societal Cluster-Proposals Platform
United Nations replacement by World Societal Governance Organization proposal 2030
Person-Planet Alliance
replacing worldwide, towards 2030, party politics
Person-Planet Alliance. Replacing Party Politics.
Project to become the locomotive of the whole SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex.

Horizontal Navigation Page Global-Local Societal Governance Alliance, World Geo-Territories

StS-Series 100+ Directory of Societal Systemic Governance Proposals
with for each proposal a site for all 250+ World Geo-Territories.
All object of the Deliberations, orgaized throughout the Local Societal Governance Alliances.

Consortium of citizens, from all sectors of society, constituting a complementary platform for steering society,
based on a Societal Charter of holistic root concepts and societally systemic conventions.

Making use of the SocietalSystem-Platform and connected Own-Domain Sites.
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It becomes cristal clear that political parties as a system, not at least in so-called democratic countries,
are the problem platforms
of what is going wrong in the world.
Moreover, the current political party systems developed far beyond democratic participation
in societal decision making by citizens and societal entities.

The handling of the coronavirus and its lack of prevention, neglecting numerous appeals,
and even more, the reactions in social and economy organization, seems the ultimate stance
to motivate any conscious and responsable citizen to think about an alternative for the political parties.

The intensive use of the so-called social media by politicians is another symptom
of degradation and banalization of the sector, a generator of confusion and an immense waste of time.

Changing political parties will not work, they have to be replaced by a new system.

Join the Person-Planet Alliance construction team,
even under lockdown it will work, with impact !


New Spring 2021
SocietalSystem Coaching, Consulting and Training Service
for Person-Planet Alliances

Documents to elaborate in StS: in formats Web, Tables, Presentations, DataBases, Videoas, Forums online

Blank models for replication, soon online.
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General Site Global-Local Societal Engagement Network Citizens Entities
Generating and applying real citizens' impact.

Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites.
Every citizen and entity their own, independent Domain

See also:
Horizontal Navigation Page Person-Planet Alliance, World Geo-Territories
Matrix for a Societal Governance Alliance in 250+ Geo-Territories
Campaigns, Conferences and Courses from the autumn 2020.

The first objective, EP Elections 2024:
Person-Planet Alliance, European Union
EU Citizens' steered Societal Deliberations and (S)Elections 2024 Plan

Test Region
Person-Planet Alliance, Algarve Region, Portugal
See also:
Person-Planet Alliance, Portugal
Person-Planet Alliance, Europe Continent
Person-Planet Alliance, World

Download original, put your data, print your cards.


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