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Breaking through the impasse of techno-mercantilist, life-endangering trend,
as well as the lack of decisive impact of the, be-it highly needed alternative  social and ecological  initiatives.
'I decide' Citizens Movement
'I decide' Citizens Movement. Central StS-Site
Citizens' direct and open commitments declaration, to change one's personal way of life,
to turn it compatible with "One Planet Eco-Footprint",
avoiding irreversible climate change as well as human conflicts.

'I decide'  Sections and Objects Outline Page
More than 100 proposals. Featuring each a wide set of modulable documents,
for individual and group applications.

SocietalSystem is looking for thousands of Coaches
for coordinating workshops and events.

"I decide" Personal Open Declarations and Testimonies
Section shortly online, with model declaration forms, in various languages
and for different regions and people.
And a related interactive forum 'I decide' Citizens Movement online
under construction in Shortly online.

Download the 'I decide' general flyer.

See also:
Citizens' Societal Direct Intervention Initiatives
Local-Global Proactive Intervention Workgroups

Initiative projected to be launched from september 2022.
In combination with a Crowd-Learning for All Program,
a Societal Entities Convergence Program
and a Deliberative Governance and consequent (S)Elections Plan.

To apply 75 % of all vitally needed changes for the world and humanity,
from saving the environment to restoring local-global human conviviality,

not one single law has to be changed or introduced.
Only a change of personal way of life is enough, on a number of dicisive matters.

This requires a set of concepts, instruments, initiatives and infrastructures,

all object of the whole SocietalSystem-Platform,
ideally combined with personal and professional societally connected own-domain sites.

The 'I decide' Citizens Movement is part of an integrated flow of citizens' direct interventions
 in the whole societal decision making and governance process.

1. 'I decide' >
Societal entities societal proactivation and convergence ( example Algarve region, Portugal )e >
Citizens' steered Governance Deliberations and  (s)Elections >
Legislation renewal.

In parallel: a. Societal Crowd-Research and Crowd-Learning programs for all,
and b. Communication Programs.

Downloads not yet online
'I decide' Citizens Movement General Flyer
'I decide' Citizens Movement General Presentation
'I decide' Citizens Movement Personal Workbook
'I decide' Citizens Movement Personal Table-File

'I decide'  Sections and Object Suggestions
Navigation Page
with an outline page per decision object, including key-referencs, key-statistics,
related checklists and other StS-Files, etc.

1. 'I decide' Personally
2. 'I decide' Geo-Territorially
3. 'I decide'  Professionally

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Same Site for 250+ World Geo-Territories

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'I decide' Citizens Movement General Flyer
'I decide' Citizens Movement Personal Workbook

'I decide' Citizens Movement General online Interactive Platform
Participants' exchanges in real time.

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See also:
'I decide' Movement, Same Site for 250+ World Geo-Territories

'I decide' Citizens Movement General Agenda
Conferences, Workshops, Courses, Deliberations, etc.

Crowd-Learning for All Program - Societal Entities Convergence Program
Deliberative Governance Program - (S)Elections Plan.

Local-Global Proactive Societal Intervention WorkGroups
World Movement for Societal Proactivation of All Citizens and Entities
 Global-Local Societal Personal and Professional Engagement Network


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