SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

Global StS-Consortium Cluster-Proposals
Roadmap and Planning 2020-2025-2030

Note: each item on the present page will shortly have StS-Site and Online Forum

Silves, Portugal

Start date: 11th September 2020

"Plans have no value. But planning is necessary." Dwight Eisenhower.

1. October-November 2020: signing Declaration of Intention SocietalSystem -
> Preparing SocietalSystem Global Info-ICT Enterprise ( based in Gent ? )
   Coordinates SocietalSystem-Complex and World Network Own-Domain Hosting Enterprises
> Creation of a professional StS-Newsleter
> Construction of the StS-FindEngine ( possibly other name as a domain is called so )
* Membership UIA, Brussels  ( ? ) Mass Mailing 20.000 NGOs, worldwide
* Membership Democracy International ( ? ) > Mass mailing 60 country Partners
* Membership other Umbrella Organization

2. November -- December 2020
First Series Mailings and Contacts ( cfr marketing study )
* Mailing Potential Partners SocietalSystem Global Thinktank > Consortium

* Series Mailings with pre-subscription of Partnerships, Memberships Packages

3. Mailings and Contacts Societal Entities
Mailing Potential Global Public Institutions Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Enterprise Organizations Partners
* Mailing Potential Global NGOs Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Education Establishments Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Citizens Organizations Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Media Partners

4. Mailings and Contacts SocietalSystem Sections
* Mailing Potential Global Data Research Master Training Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Communication and Media Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Deliberative Societal Governance Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Socio-economy and Finance Holding Partners
* Mailing Potential Global Conference and Workshop Venues Partners

5. SocietalSystem Presentations and Presences 2021
* March: Event Switzerland Democracy International
* Selection Events European Parliament and European Commission, Brussels
* SocietalSystem Event with STOA European Parliament, Brussels

Date: 11.09.2020
Contact GSM and Online Discussion Site provided on request.
SocietalSystem ( StS )