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Silves, Portugal
Start date: 11th September 2020

World Number of Geo-Territories
World: 1
Continents: 5
SubContinents: 10+
Countries: 200
Regions, Provinces, etc.: 12.000 ?
Municipalities: 300.000
Micro-Localities, Villages, neighborhoods: 3.000.000
Each Geo-Territory object of a StS-Platform, ranging from a 100 to millions of documents

Global Topics of Societal Interest: 3.000
Each Global Topic gradually object of Series of Standard StS-Site 50 Documents for all 250+ World Geo-Territories,
currently nearly 700 Topics Series online x 14.000 documents
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Total number of documents online, if SocietalSystem is applied worldwide: about 15 billion.
Total number of Personal Own-Domain Sites: in principle, one for each citizen, yes from birth: currently nearing 8 billion
Total number of Professional Entities Own-Domain Sites; more than 500 million.

SocietalSystem Socio-economy Holding
Amount of Categories of Socio-economy Networks per e-Region: 100-150
Amount of Local Micro-Enterprises within the StS-Holding Algarve e-Region ( 500.000 hab. 6.000 km˛ ), Portugal: about 10.000,
necessary to regenerate a sustainable regional socio-economy circuit, reducing the current excess of imports, hundreds of millions €,
and providing jobs for all current unemployed, about 30.000.

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Date: 11.09.2020
Contact GSM and Online Discussion Site provided on request.
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