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General Outline

Silves, Portugal

Start date: 11th September 2020

A Cluster-Proposal is a set of proposals to a cluster of potential partners of all kind,
replacing primary competition by complementarity and saving spectacularly in energy, space, time and money.

The present document is provied under the principle of strict non-circumvention.
It can however, as an application of full transparency, be freely distributed to other potentially interested people.
Copies of mails are systematically shared with a number of persons of trust, of various origin and position, familiar with SocietalSystem.

In shocking times, only shocking thruths are real,
and only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.

* Selected references for the mentioned information and proposals.
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, based on the present outline.
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* Humanity stand on an involutive trend, i.e. a gradual but firm degradation of its house, the biosphere, of its quality of life, more problems than solutions, and of relations between humans.

* Root cause is the low mental-societal age of humanity, comparable to that of 4-5 years old kids.
* Business-as-usual, politics and for a large part NGOs are indeed lead by people of that kind.
* Core societally-systemic cause: the nature of money, specially its disconnection from real socio-economy and social values.
* One of the core applications of that phenomenon is the worldwide use of the GDP as the main quality indicator of society, allthough it contains a growing proposrtion of corrective expenses.
* The same with techno-mercantilist prices, not including the whole range of corrective expenses, social, environmental, sanitary etc., along the whole lifecycle of products and services.
Kind of "clothes of the emperor".
* One of the exponents of the low mental age is the phenomenon of "competition"
* Another manifestation of low mental-societal age is the push for technological sophistication and applications beyond the mental and environmental potential.
* The very low resilience of business and nonprofit is clearly exposed by the advent of COVID-19. What if the, unavoidable, finance system will follow ...
Time of cognitive dissonance is past. Networking, sharing, recycling, re-using is the future. And money is for using not for possessing. houses are for living, not for speculative selling,
and enterprises are for serving society, belonging to all panergetic stakeholders, much more than nominal mercantilist shareholders.
All a question of uplifted mental-societal age.

* Political parties pantomines. See Belgium case, defiying common intelligence..

Solutions ? A totally other way of thinking, enterprise and nonprofit managing, public governing and personal
* In essence: societalization and societal proactivation of people and entities. I.e. turning them conscious of the interdependency of all people and entities and  creating instruments, infrastructures and initiatives to  implement this.
* A massive cognitive revision program, removing the unaccountable bias, anomalies and aberrations in law, including in national constitutins and international treaties, eucation, including in most doctorate theses, economy and business management, and societal organization and way of life in general, not at least in the media. An impressive range of concepts are completely outdated and, more, aberrant, as the nature and use of money, the GDP and dito growth rates, the function of enterprises, business profit, marriage, property right, meracantilist prices, national bounderies, political elections, party politics, diplomas, etc.
* Creating tools and initiatives to lift-up the mental age of humanity, correct all money-related features with their "panergetic" value, and replace party politics by deliberative societal governance.

Between many other changes.
* The propoed structure to realize this consist of a. the creation of
1. a matrix online and offline of modulable documents, per geo-territory and topic, organize, based on that matrix of a network of initiatives for permanent societal deliberation and governance, and a holding of e-regional networks oflocal micro-entities.
2. A meta-network of personal and entities own-domain sites, connectable to the matrix.

Finance, the wrongly considered key-item in most projects, because in reality it is "dabord les gens, et après l'argent".
* A wide range of solutions, not at least non-financial, are to consider simultaneously.
* A mass action for pre-subscription of partner and memberships could provide in months the basic start capital.
Much will depend on the technical power, managerial capacity and financial situation of the central ICT provider and regional internet providers.
The research-editing finance requirements are only critical at the start, the major worldwide expansion will indeed be self-financing, as well as financing the ICT parts.

Money is to use, not to possess. Dhaenens, CEO

Strategy: a Societal Cluster-Proposal.
* the creation of a consortium of people and entities that provide the knowledge, research, education, technology and infra-structures for the project.

Potential Partnes in the Consortium
* ICT Technology
** Central Internet Server Provider, with capacity to gradually store more than 15 billion modulable, static documents and millions of online dynamic platforms
** World Network of regional Internet Providers, coordinated by the Central Provider, counting up to a "website" of up to thousands of documents per human being
** Online and desktop software, from OS to a wide range of mobile apps
* Hardware producers, gradually standard preformatted to fit in the system
* Data Providers
* Research Partners,
* Education Partners
* Societal governance partners
* Public Institution partners
* Enterprise organization partners
A list of suggested organization available on request,
a number of optioned entities receive that list already.

Date: 11.09.2020
Contact GSM and Online Discussion Site provided on request.
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