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Sector Real Estate
Sector Real Estate.
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SocietalSystem introduces a new dimension to the real estate business spectrum.
Apart of the conventional intermediating between sellers and buyers, real estate agents become partners:
1. in the research, including parcel-to-parcel streets and roads surveys, of their geo-territory.
2. in the projection of the responsable uses of each of the available estate objects, within the whole territorial reality and future potential
3. in the facilitating, sales and possibly launching of relevant dynamic socio-economy projects on the estates.
This implies that they become permanent shareholders and/or royalty beneficiaries of the projects.

Sector Real Estate Societal Workshops
SocietalSystem is offering 1-Day and 3 to 5 Days Workshops for real estate professionals,
individual or in small groups of 3 to 5

Programs are organized in the South-West Portugal region, and can as well be organized elsewhere in Portugal and in the world.
The programs are administered by StS-Staf along with Real Estate Consultants.
Related professional organizations, Universities, Polytechnic Institutions and other Training Institutions of the given regions,
are invited to co-conceive and organize these innovative initiatives.

Similar programs are being organized for the Sectors of Construction, Equipments for Regional Socio-economy Networks, indeed dozens of sectors,
Producers of Regional-Local Products and Services, etc. all cross-over connected.
In this sense a series of Societal Expo-Congresses are being projected, possibly starting in Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal.


Catalogue Real Estate, Algarve

A unique platform, tables per estate object, already more than 20,
listed per municipality and submunicipality, more than 80 !

With inclusion of socio-economy dynamization projects, or proposals, of real estate objects.
Put yours on it, offer or demand, in a selection of Tables + Pages throughout the StS-Databank.

See also: Cours de SocietalSystem Master Training, Orphelinat El Bernoussi 2016, Casablanca, Maroc

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Download the Flyer Sector Real Estate - Portugal South-West
This project is being applied worldwide. National and Regional Supervisors welcome !
A potential for thousands of decent jobs !
And the basis for a wide range of worldwide local socio-economy initiatives.

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Pilot Countries and Regions  include:
Portugal Sector Real Estate Sections per District 18 > 300+ Municipal SubSections 
Hungary Sector Real Estate Sections per County 20 and 174 Districts SubSections

Guinée ( Conakry ) Sector Real Estate Sections per Préfecture 34 > 300+ SousPréfecture SubSections 
DR Congo ( Kinshasa ) Sector Real Estate Sections per Province 26 > 100s Cities and Territories SubSections

Morocco Sector Real Estate Sections per Province and Préfecture 65 > 1500 Municipal SubSections
Romania Sector Real Estate Sections per County 42 > 100s Municipal SubSections
Greece Sector Real Estate Sections per Regions 13 > 325 Municipal SubSections

Directly related Project, with the same Pilot Countries and Division Sections
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More tha 100 parallel Project with same system-strategy:
Global-Local Societal Projects Diagonal Navigation Page World Geo-Territories


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