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World Streets and Roads Surveys
Training Program

The indispensable start initiative for Societal Co-Governance, e-Transition
and Emergency 
Plans, in any Geo-Territory on the Globe.
An exercise in holistic complexity driven crowd-research and solutions.

Central Work Tools
General Table-File World Streets Surveys Training Program 
General Presentation-File World Street Surveys Training Program

Example, result of combined Street Surveys and Spatial Co-Planning:
Convivialized Street

Note: the street design below is part of a SocietalSystem design collection for download.

Top: Cars everywhere, no outdoor living space. Dangerous transit traffic.
Middle: Green car parkings. Still, no living space. Less, but still dangerous transit traffic.
Bottom: Green living space. Restricted car parking, no transit traffic.
Note: parallel initiative: carshare service.
Number of cars, and related corrective expenses: - 50 to 75 %.
( corrective expenses = air pollution, noise, credit > debt,
public space occupation cost, traffic control, accidents, ... )

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SocietalSystem ( StS )