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SocietalSystem-Proposals 2030 to UNESCO,
with the suggested backing of a series
of related public and private world organizations, universities.
See also: International Organizations DataBase:
Union of International Associations UIA
, Brussels

1. Facilitate the professional elaboration and gradual worldwide application of the
SocietalSystem World Cognitive Code, Classifications and Layout Systems
Standardization Private and Public Classifications
General Site SocietalSystem World Cognitive Code-System
Horizontal Navigation Page SocietalSystem World Cognitive Code-System, World Geo-Territories
General Site SocietalSystem World Cognitive Classification-System
Horizontal Navigation Page SocietalSystem World Cognitive Classification-System, World Geo-Territories
General Site SocietalSystem World Cognitive Layout-System
Horizontal Navigation Page SocietalSystem World Cognitive Layout-System, World Geo-Territories
2. Facilitate the professional elaboration and installation of the

General Site SocietalSystem-DataBank
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3. Facilitate the elaboration of Societal Systemic Transition Graduate Theses
and dito School Projects
connecting Universities and Polytechnical Schools through Theses-Clusters
Global-Local Societal Graduate Theses 2030 Program
Horizontal Navigation Page Global-Local Program Societal Graduate Theses 2030,
Same Site for 250+ World Geo-Territories
4. Facilitate the elaboration of a World Standard Topic Societal Syllabus
and a Societal  Didactic System
General Site SocietalSystem-Syllabi
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General Site Societal Didactics
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Didactics, World Geo-Territories
General Site Global-Local Societal Proactivation Programs 2030 Societal Entities Schools
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Proactivation Programs 2030 Societal Entities Schools, World Geo-Rerritories
5. Facilitate the conception and application of a New Diagonal Discipline
Societal Systemic Transition
General Site Societal Systemic Transition Diagonal Discipline
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Systemic Transition Diagonal Discipline, World Geo-Territories

6. Facilitate the construction of a Network of Local Centers
for Citizens' steered Societal Governance Centers

in all Villages and Urban Neighborhoods of the world
General Site Local Societal StS-Centers
Horizontal Navigation Page Local Societal StS-Centers, World Geo-Territories

7. Facilitate the Connected Organization, specially with regional Schools,  of
* Societal Streets and Roads Surveys
* Societal Entities Societal Entities Audits
* Domestic Societal Check-ups
General Site Societal Street Surveys
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Street Surveys, World Geo-Territories

General Site Societal Entities Audits
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Entities Audits, World Geo-Territories
General Site Societal Domestic Check-ups
Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Domestic Check-ups, World Geo-Territories
8. Facilitate the "Aura" Preservation or Restoration around Patrimonium Places
General Site World Patrimonium 'Aura' Preservation and Restoration Program
Horizontal Navigation Page World Patrimonium 'Aura' Preservation and Restoration Program, World Geo-Territories

Invited to back the StS-Proposals to UNESCO
Preliminary Selection
Public Organizations

Public Libraries, Students and Profs' Associations, ...
Private Organizations
NGOs on Environment, Social Inclusion, Lifelong Learning, Cotizens' Societal Proactivation

Preliminary Model Texts
Shortly online

See also:
United Nations University, Tokyo
University for Peace, Costa Rica


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