SocietalSystem ( StS )

Humanity's Operating Complex

Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Societal Platform

Platform for the crowd-construction of a convivial and sustainable society model, applied to Germany.

Sectoral Sitemap Germany
500+ Pages and Files, ready for Research, Editing and Societal Dynamization.
To be created per State 16, District 400+, Municipality 12.000
and partially per Neighborhood and Village
German language version: Sektorale-Thematische Sitemap Freiburg i.Br.
Download Tabl-File Geo-Territorial Outline, Germany
Central file for unlimited applications.

SocietalSystem is looking for partners for the creation and coordination
of The SocietalSystem Platform Germany

StS-Grrmany Structures
1. StS-Germany Association
Supervizing the StS-Germany Platform and Societal Fund,
Produce of 50 % of the shares of StS-Enterprise
2. StS-Germany Enterprise
2.1 StS-DataBank
2.2 StS-Societal Program, including Street Surveys parcel-per-parcel
2.3 StS Holding Sustainable and Inclusife Socio-economy
par Geo-Territory ( District Kreiss )

StS-Germany coordinates the distribution of the StS-Licenses, Master-Training and controle of the
StS-Platforms German States ( länder 16 )
StS-Platforms Districts ( Kraiss 400+ ) the main operative StS-Entities of the country
Each of them has a similar structures as StS-Germany National
The StS-Districts coordinate Municipal ( Gemeinde 12.000+ ) and SubMunicipal Platforms,
as Urban Neighborhoods and Rural Villages
( tens of thousands )
including the permanent Research-Editing of the Regional and Local StS-DataBank
the organization of Crowd-Research, Surveys, Deliberations, Training, Coaching, Expo-Congresses, etc.
+ the coordination of the StS-Holding for Regional-Local Societal Socio-economy of the districts.

Extra: Build-up of Own-Domain Site+Set for each Citizen and Professiona Entity of the country

Note: SocietalSystem only links to Own-Domain Sites.

See, under construction, the StS-Germany Proposals to its Partners and Mambers page for details.

The projected consolidated turnover of the whole SocietalSystem-Germany Platform is estimated, towards 2030
at 20 % of the current GDP of the country, 4+ trillion €, namely about 1 trillion €.
Note: the current GDP, misleading as a quality indicator ciontains at least 30 % corrective expenses, as for health, environment, security, etc.
The StS-GDP should contain a considerably lower proportion of problem-related expenses.
Regional and Local StS-Platforms contribute to the German and Global StS-Levels with up to 10 % royalties and up to 25 % of the shares.

Links to main StS-SubSites Germany
to be created per District-Kreiss ( Selection from more than 200 SubSites )
StS-Holding Socio-economy Germany
Totalling 10.000+ Documents
See also StS-Holding Socio-economy 100+ Categories World Platform
* Global-Local Exchanges Platform Germany
36 Categories x 200 Country Pages, totalling 10.000+ Documents

Start Program
1. Negotiating Central Partnership StS-Germany
Start Logistics and Finance: Office for 3-6 months 5-10 Staff
+ Communication and Traval expenses
StS-License Germany fee: to negotiate.
2. StS-Master Training in Germany and Algarve, Portugal

1 or 2 Groups of 8 - 12 Participants
50 Hours StS-Technical Training
+ ideally 1 month Rural Revitalization and Urban Convivialization Training
partly in Algarve, Portugal, partly in Germany.

Export Potential for German Medium Enterprises
Meta-Network of 12.000+ Socio-economy Entities to create, in 50+ Networks
Bastos, Convivial Rural Zone project, Silves, Algarve, Portugal
Project for systemic societal transition and organization, applied to a model micro-locality, 15 km².
Welcome to join and apply the concept to your or another of the 5.000.000 or so micro-localties of the world.
Featuring 400+ modulable files, including table-files and presentations up to per m, of the area,
in order to identify all its immense socio-economy and sustainable investment potential, not yet developed.
Workshops and Training Courses at your place available on request.


Standard Basic Files

also part of all sites, listed above.

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