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The Global-Local Exchange sites contain a series of pages and files on all major geo-territories in the world, about 275,
applied to one specific topic of one geo-territory.
The sets are ready for research, editing, education and management.

The Global-Local Exchanges constitute essential indications or parts of the GlocoIndex Societal Impact Rating System.

Nr StSFil Title Remarks
1 General  
1.2 gb0107.qxwx.feu Global-Local Exchanges Training Programs, European Union
1.3 xsa.qxwx.feu Global-Local Exchanges Syllabus, European Union
1.4 acb.qxwx.feu Global-Local Exchanges Didactic Modules, European Union
1.4 gb0901.qxwx.feu Global-Local Exchanges School Programmes, European Union
2 Pages Folders Files
2.0 gt0124.qxaa.feu Societal Impact Exchanges, European Union
See also: - Panergetic Price System - Societal Impact Concept
2.0 qxai.feu Incoming Societal Impact, European Union
2.0 qxao.feu Outgoing Societal Impact, European Union
2.1 gt0124.qxen.feu Environment Exchanges, European Union
2.2 qxei.feu Incoming Environment, European Union
2.3 qxeo.feu Outgoing Environment, European Union
2.4 gt0124.qxcm.feu Commercial Exchanges, European Union
2.5 qimp.feu Import, European Union
2.6 qexp.feu Export, European Union
2.7 gt0124.qxtu.feu Travel Tourism Exchanges, European Union
2.8 qxti.feu Incoming Travel Tourism, European Union
2.9 qxto.feu Outgoing Travel Tourism, European Union
2.10 gt0124.qxin.feu Investment Exchanges, European Union
2.11 qxii.feu Incoming Investments, European Union
2.12 qxio.feu Outgoing Investments, European Union
2.13 gt0124.qxde.feu Demographic Exchanges, European Union
2.14 qxdi.feu Immigration, European Union
2.15 qxdo.feu Emigration, European Union
2.16 gt0124.qxfn.feu Financial Exchanges, European Union
2.17 qxfi.feu Incoming Finances, European Union
2.18 qxfo.feu Outgoing Finances, European Union
2.19 gt0124.qxmc.feu Information Exchange, European Union
2.20 qxmi.feu Incoming Information, European Union
2.21 qxmo.feu Outgoing Information, European Union
2.22 gt0124.qxvt.feu Visits Exchanges, European Union
2.23 qxvi.feu Incoming Visits, European Union
2.24 qxvo.feu Outgoing Visits, European Union
2.25 gt0124.qxpa.feu Societal Governance Exchanges, European Union
2.26 qxpi.feu Incoming Societal Governance, European Union
2.27 qxpo.feu Outgoing Societal Governance, European Union
2.28 gt0124.qxra.feu Research Exchanges, European Union
2.29 qxri.feu Incoming Research, European Union
2.30 qxro.feu Outgoing Research, European Union
2.31 gt0124.qxba.feu Training Coaching Exchanges, European Union
2.32 qxbi.feu Incoming Training Coaching, European Union
2.33 qxbo.feu Outgoing Training Coaching, European Union
2.34 gt0124.qxca.feu Cultural Exchanges, European Union
2.35 qxci.feu Incoming Culture, European Union
2.36 qxco.feu Outgoing Culture, European Union
2.37 gt0124.qxha.feu Events Exchanges, European Union
2.38 qxhi.feu Incoming Events, European Union
2.39 qxho.feu Outgoing Events, European Union
2.37 gt0124.qxua.feu Conviviality Exchanges, European Union
2.38 qxui.feu Incoming Conviviality, European Union
2.39 qxuo.feu Outgoing Conviviality, European Union
2.37 gt0124.qxsa.feu Inspiration Exchanges, European Union
2.38 qxsi.feu Incoming Inspiration, European Union
2.39 qxso.feu Outgoing Inspiration, European Union
3   Applications
3.1    aa9109.qxwx.feu Applications Global-Local Exchanges for Public Institutions, European Union
3.2    aa9680.qxwx.feu
Applications Global-Local Exchanges for Entreprises, European Union
3.3    og0103.qxwx.feu
Applications Global-Local Exchanges for NonProfit Organizations, European Union
3.4    ct0126.qxwx.feu
Applications Global-Local Exchanges for Citizens, European Union
3.5    sc0100.qxwx.feu
Applications Global-Local Exchanges for Schools, European Union
3.6   md0100.qxwx.feu
Applications Global-Local Exchanges for Media, European Union

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