SocietalSystem ( StS )
SocietalSystem DataBank and Societal Dynamization Platform

European Union
SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program 2015-2020
European Union

Platform for the Croxd-Construction of the Societal Platform, European Union.
Transition and Post-Crisis Jobs, Business and Investment Opportunities.
Innovative Societal Tasks for Research, Debate, Theses and School Projects.

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SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program

The current local-global crisis is historic-systemic,
hence exceeds the capacity of conventional institutions and responsable officers to develop structural solutions.
A necessary new, visionary, societal model, for which SocietalSystem is a proposed bleuprint,
only can be conceived and applied with the proactive cooperation  of a maximum number of citizens and entities.
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Platform Societal Proposals > Transition Plan 2020 European Union.

SocietalSystem DataBase Crowd-Construction Program 2015-2020 European Union
100+ Series, 50.000+ Items, Cross-over Linkable and MultiCriteria Querible.
A uniqie must-have tool for research, editing, blogging, reporting, auditing, studying on the European Union.
And for the creation of a sustainable  and convivial socio-economy model, with work for all.
Free available in exchange of participation at the Crowd-Construction Program.


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SocietalSystem ( StS )