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Deliberative Societal (S)Elections, Belgium
Societal (S)Elections, Belgium.
(S)Elections are elections based on permanent deliberations, locally to globally, and making use of modulable instruments, as provided by SocietalSystem.
The process consist of filtration of proposals and selection of representatives who will execute the selected programs,
not a party program, that in fact often completely deviates from the election propaganda.
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(Deliberative Societal (S)Elections Belgium - Open online Forum
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StS-Platform Brussels Belgium - StS-Platform Vlaanderen Belgium - StS-Platform Wallonie Belgium - StS-Platform Deutsche Gemeinschaft Belgium
European Parliament Societal (S)Elections 20224 Wallonie - European Parliament Societal (S)Elections 2024, Bruxelles -
European Parliament Societal (S)Elections 2024 Vlaanderen
 - Societal ()Elections Deutsche Gemeinschaft

Upcoming Elections, Belgium
Deliberative Societal (S)Elections - Federal Parliament
Deliberative Societal (S)Elections 2024 - Regional Parliaments
Deliberative Societal (S)Elections 2024 - Provincial Councils
Deliberative Societal (S)Elections 2024 - Municipal Councils

SocietalSystem Cluster-Proposals 2020-2030 Belgium
Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030

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for Universities, other Higher Education and Secondary Schools, NGOs, etc.
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