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Classifications of SocietalSystem-Sites, Pages and Download Files
Alphabetical Classification - GlobTree Classification - Standard 32 Societal Sectors Classification
SubSectors Classification - Chrono Classification - Geo-Territorial Classification - Numerical Classification
Knowledge Themes Classification - Geo-Locational Stratification Classification ( Local to Global )

Alfa-Topics Listings 
( = Main Topics in SocietalSystem-System, apart of the above Standard Classifications Topics )

Holistic Sciences and Disciplines ( B ) - Conventional Sciences and Disciplines ( C ) - Alternative Sciences and Disciplines ( D )
Technologies Techniques and Arts ( T ) - Management Topics ( M ) - Chrono Topics ( E ) - Holistic Stratification Topics ( I ) 

e-Regional and Local Structural Projects and related e-Networks Listing

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Nr GlobCod Item Format Language Remarks
01 aaa AAA      

02 aaa AAA      

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04 aaa AAA      

Classification Categories  

Nr GlobCod Item x Remarks

1 aa7004.aah Alphabetical Classification

The present Alphabetical Classification contains mainly operational and sectoral topics of the Global e-Society Matrix project.
Knowledge topics are listed at the Knowledge Themes Classification.

2 aa7140.aah GlobTree Classification

GlobTree is the standard classification of directories and subdirectories in the Glob-System Info-IT.
The Personal Glob-Keys and Professional Glob-Disks are structured according the GlobTree, as well as numerous files and pages.

3 aa7130.aah Standard 32 Societal Sectors Classification

The Glob-Standard 32 Societal Sectors constitute the main classification for societal organization and management.
It is proposed as the standard repartition in governance bodies, as ministries and public administration departments.

4 sb0112.aah SubSectors Classification

SubSectors are topics of societal governance and management.
They constitute sub-topics of the Glob-Standard 32 Societal Sectors system.

5 aa7170.aah Chrono Classification

Chronological Topics include any kind of history and future related time spans.

6 aa7150.aah Geo-Territorial Classification

Geo-Territories are geographical areas, on the present table, from world to country-states. Lower levels are being listed per country.

7 aa7003.aah Numerical Classification

Numerical Topics are items of information expressed in quantitative ways.

8 aa7180.aah Knowledge Themes Classification

Knowledge Themes are theoretical topics or disciplines.

9 aa7160.aah Geo-Locational Stratification Classification ( Local to Global )

Geo-Locational Stratification is the vertical division of the planet in layers of societal organization.
It is the basis of subsidiarity, a competence repartition leaving decision-taking to the optimum geo-level.


Nr GlobCod Glob-Partner Format Language Remarks
01 aaa AAA      

02 aaa AAA      

03 aaa AAA      

04 aaa AAA      

05 aaa AAA      

06 aaa AAA      

07 aaa AAA      

08 aaa AAA      

09 aaa AAA      

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