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Date: 16.04.2019
Author(s): SocietalSystem-Editors





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Nr StS-Code General Outline Sector 
0   Group Public Governance
0.01 aa9042.qcm.wrd General Outline Sector Public Administration, World Societal Platform

Coaching Local Citizens' Societal Governance Deliberations
Dozens of Topics
Societal Governance Deliberations

0.02 aa9042.qlg.wrd General Outline Sector Ideology Legislation, World Societal Platform

1   Group System 
1.03 aa9042.qre.wrd General Outline Sector Concepts Values Principles, World Societal Platform

1.04 aa9042.qie.wrd General Outline Sector Planning Development , World Societal Platform

Coaching Regional-Local Societal Transition 2025 Campaigns

1.05 aa9042.qsc.wrd General Outline Sector Science Research, World Societal Platform

1.06 aa9042.qnc.wrd General Outline Sector Norms Classifications Codes, World Societal Platform

2   Group Communication
2.07 aa9042.qtr.wrd General Outline Sector Transport, World Societal Platform

2.08 aa9042.qtu.wrd General Outline Sector Travel Tourism, World Societal Platform

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Accommodation

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Hostels

2.09 aa9042.qct.wrd General Outline Sector Technological Communication, World Societal Platform

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Sector Web Hosting and Construction

2.10 aa9042.qch.wrd General Outline Sector Chrono Management, World Societal Platform

3   Group Culture
3.11 aa9042.qed.wrd General Outline Sector Education, World Societal Platform

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Universities

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Secondary Schools

3.12 aa9042.qcu.wrd General Outline Sector Culture Sports, World Societal Platform

3.13 aa9042.qme.wrd General Outline Sector Information Media, World Societal Platform

4   Group Social Matters
4.14 aa9042.qsm.wrd General Outline Sector Social Well-being, World Societal Platform

4.15 aa9042.qss.wrd General Outline Sector Social Structures, World Societal Platform

4.16 aa9042.qla.wrd General Outline Sector Labour, World Societal Platform

5   Group Space
5.17 aa9042.qea.wrd General Outline Sector Earth Nature, World Societal Platform

5.18 aa9042.qos.wrd General Outline Sector Oceans Seas, World Societal Platform

5.19 aa9042.qcs.wrd General Outline Sector Cosmic Space, World Societal Platform

5.20 aa9042.qui.wrd General Outline Sector Urbanization Estater Habitat, World Societal Platform

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Urbanization Architecture

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Construction

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Real Estate

6   Group Agriculture and Food
6.21 aa9042.qag.wrd General Outline Sector Agriculture Forestry Fishing, World Societal Platform

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Bio-Agriculture

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sector Forestry

6.22 aa9042.qfo.wrd General Outline Sector Food, World Societal Platform

7   Group Economy
7.23 aa9042.qec.wrd General Outline Sector Economy Commerce, World Societal Platform

7.24 aa9042.qpm.wrd General Outline Sector Energy Primary Matter, World Societal Platform

7.25 aa9042.qte.wrd General Outline Sector Manufacturing, World Societal Platform

7.26 aa9042.qfi.wrd General Outline Sector Finance, World Societal Platform

7.27 aa9042.qin.wrd General Outline Sector Insurances, World Societal Platform

8   Group Societal Corrections
8.28 aa9042.qhe.wrd General Outline Sector Health, World Societal Platform

8.29 aa9042.qen.wrd General Outline Sector Environment, World Societal Platform

8.30 aa9042.qso.wrd General Outline Sector Law Security Public Order, World Societal Platform

9   Group External Affairs
9.31 aa9042.qer.wrd General Outline Sector External Relations, World Societal Platform

9.32 aa9042.qdf.wrd General Outline Sector Defense, World Societal Platform