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Enquiries for the organization of Societal Training and Learning Initiatives and Programs,
including residential formulas, anywhere worldwide, as well as for partnerships in e-coaching,
and for regional licenses, can be mailed to

SocietalSystem Training and Learning System-Program Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus 
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Central Work Tools of the System
General Table-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program
General Presentation-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program
SocietalSystem Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabi

SocietalSystem Training System Key-Diagram, part of the above modulable Presentation-File.

SocietalSystem Partners
Global Diagonal SocietalSystem-Training System Partner,
Research-Editing Partners, e-Regional and Local Training Partners,
Learning Partners, e-Coaching Partners, Events Partners, ...

All documents in the SocietalSystem Training System-Program are edited according the SocietalSystem-System of Codes,
Classifications, Layout, Dossier Indexes or Sitemaps and Terminology.
All initiatives and events are driven by SocietalSystem-System tools, completed by external tools.
All original tools and operational correspondence is edited in english,
and consequently translated in any other language.

  Related SocietalSystem-Offers
External Links in SocietalSystem-Platform
SocietalSystem-Training Packages for Professionals, Schools and Private Groups and People

Related Expositions, Excursions, Surveys, Polls, ...

Also: Now under construction, part of any Training Program:
SocietalSystem-Topics Synoptic Triptych Files Sets
with 3-Fold Flyers and Posters

0. SocietalSystem Training and Learning System-Program Global Features
SocietalSystem-System Global 'Diagonal' Training Program
SocietalSystem Global Training Enterprise Project
SocietalSystem Training Global Center Project, Drôme Provençale, France
SocietalSystem Global Training Platform, Essaouira, Morocco
SocietalSystem Brussels Center Project

SocietalSystem Crowd-Conference System

SocietalSystem Crowd-Conferences Global Platform, Algarve, Portugal

1. Training System-Program for Partners, Staff and Members of the SocietalSystem Project.
Participate proactively in the Crowd-Construction Program
of the SocietalSystem Training and Learning System-Program
Documents in preparation

Each Title is being composed of a Central WebPage, a series of Table-Files, Presentation-Files,
Multicriteria DataBase-Files, Files-for-Print, including Mega-Posters, all modulable offline,
and Interactive Online Pages and Tools.

SocietalSystem Training and Learning General System
Concepts, Principles, Conventions,Traing-Flow, Disciplines, Instruments, Infrastructures,
Education and Coaching Methods, Rural Project Experience in Africa for SocietalSystem-Staff,
Licensing Conditions, related SocietalSystem-Offers, ...

SocietalSystem Training and Learning Standard Basic Program
Essential skills, required for any person joining the SocietalSystem cooperants ranks.
Includes designing in presentation software.
SocietalSystem Training and Learning SocietalSystem Staff Training Program
All Categories All Levels All Courses All Disciplines All Modules
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Societal e-Coachers Training Program
The key-function in the whole SocietalSystem Project.
Categories include e-Regional, Sectoral, Thematic, Local and Project e-Coachers.

Societal Freelance e-Coachers Sites System - SocietalSystem-Domain Societal e-Coachers Programs
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Program 2013-2015
Sessions, Courses, Workshops, online Programs, 
Residential Programs
in SocietalSystem-Pilot Countries Portugal, Morocco, Hungary, Cape Verde, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning SocietalSystem Societal Flow Outline

Information > Research > Governance > Socio-economy > Communication, Learning, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Societal Sectors Outline
Legislation, Public Administration, Urbanism, Food, Security, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Geo-Subsidiary Levels Outline
World, Continents, Countries,  Regions, Towns, Villages, Streets, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Geo-Territories Outline
World, Continents, Countries,  Regions, Towns, Villages, Streets, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Disciplines Outline 
Holistic Logic and System Thinking, Root-Concepts, Complexity, Personal and Societal Core Qualities,
ICT, SocietalSystem-Code and Classification System, SocietalSystem-Editing, Crowd-Research,
Surveying, Polling,
Deliberative Co-Governance and Decision-Making,
Petitioning, Convivial Socio-economy and Finance, Societal Tourism
Panergetic Technologies and Techniques, I.C.A.S Project Management, Societal Communication, e-Coaching, ...
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Societal Projects Outline
All poject categories, including instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
SocietalSystem Training and Learning e-Region Convivial Socio-economy Networks Outline
Entities within the Platform.
SocietalSystem Training and Learning Societal Entities Applications Outline
Public Institutions, Enterprises, NonProfit Organizations, Schools, Groups, Families, Citizens, ...
SocietalSystem General Training Program Public Institutions - SocietalSystem General Training Program Enterprises
SocietalSystem General Training Program NonProfit Organizations - SocietalSystem General Training Program Citizens
SocietalSystem General Training Program Schools - SocietalSystem General Training Program Media
SocietalSystem Training and Learning SocietalSystem Professions and Personal Functions Outline
Executives, Managers, Staff, Sectoral and Local e-Coachers, Freelancers, Streetwatchers, Reporters, ...
SQN sine-qua-non Knowledge and Capacities, Tests, Cyclic Update Programs, ...
Societal Applications Study Disciplines
Mathematics, Religion, Geography, Geology, Languages, Sciences, Technologies, ...
Societal SQN Information, Knowledge and Capabilities
Sine-qua-non items of information, knowledge and capabilities, for any person,
who is, or want to be, basically capable to interact proactively
with our local-global society of the 21st Century.

2. Related SocietalSystem Key-Projects
SocietalSystem Dossier-Series Study Disciplines
e-Books and e-Learning Tools for All Disciplines on All Levels.
Modulable files for offline and online use.
Global Network of Societal Schools
21st Century replacement of the 20th Century Business Schools
SocietalSystem Global Training Center Project
Drôme Provençale, France
Global Network of School e-Villages
Real Life Learning Environments
Global Network of Convivial Campusses
  Local Technical Training and Experiments Centers for Everyone

3. In addition to the above mentioned Topics,
Worldwide Top Priority Societal Training Topics
SocietalSystem Flow-System Key-Sections Training Programs
SocietalSystem Operating System Training Program
SocietalSystem-System Info-ICT Training Program
SocietalSystem-DataBank System Training Program
SocietalSystem-Conceptus Training Program 
Crowd-Research System Training Program
Global-Local Societal Co-Governance Training Program
Global-Local Societal e-Transition 2020+ Training Programs
Convivial Socio-economy System Training Program
Societal Communication System Training Program

3.2 Personal-Local

Local Convivial Living Training Program 

Personal Convivial Lifestyle Training Programs
Citizens Societal Co-Governance Participation Training Program
Street Surveys Training Programs
Local Spatial Co-Planning Training Program

Municipal Finance Training Program
Rural Projects Training in Africa
currently in principle in the Essaouira Province, Morocco
to become a standard requirement for SocietalSystem-Staff

3.3 e-Regions - Provinces - Préfectures - Cities
e-Regional Societal Co-Governance Training
Applications for SocietalSystem-Pilot e-Regions, including:
Brussels, Vlaanderen, Wallonie - Belgium,
Essaouira - Morocco, Pilis Dunakanyar - Hungary ,
Drôme Provençale - France, Bandundu - DR Congo,
Priority e-Region
Brussels Region Societal Education and Training Programs
Societal Co-Governance - Convivial Socio-economy

3.4 World - Continents - Fonias - Nation-States
Global Societal Co-Governance Training
European Societal Co-Governance Training

2014 European Parliament Elections Training
Societal Co-Governance Training

3.5 Innovative Sciences, Technologies and Arts, including
Holism > Holisticology - Complexity
SocietalSystem I.C.A.S. Intelligent Complex Adaptive Management System

4. SocietalSystem Training Platforms, per SocietalSystem-Domain ( shortly active )
All in venues, hubs, home and group formulas, and online.

SocietalSystem Operational Functions Training Platform, in

SocietalSystem Research, Editing and Co-Governance and learning Functions Training Platform, in
Socio-eonomic SocietalSystem-Networks Functions Training Platform, in
SocietalSystem Professional and Private Members Training Platform, in

5. Related SocietalSystem Key-Sites
SocietalSystem Disciplines Classifications -  SocietalSystem Blank Files and Series
SocietalSystem Checklists - SocietalSystem Standard Sitemaps
SocietalSystem Crowd-Conference System - SocietalSystem Triptych 3-Screen System
Download Diagram and Presentation  Idea > Project Realization
Societal School Projects and Theses, example homepages
Projectos Escolares Societais Lisboa Portugal
Societale School Projecten Hasselt, België - Projets Scolaires Sociétaux Essaouira, Maroc

6. Background Sites in all SocietalSystem-Sites
SocietalSystem-System Key-Outline
SocietalSystem Co-Construction Program
Global-Local Societal Transition Proposals Platform

Download the latest modulable version of the SocietalSystem-Training > Societal Transition Diagram


Download the latest modulable version of the SocietalSystem Conferencing ICT Expanded System Model Presentation
SocietalSystem-Server, SocietalSystem-DataBank, Triptych 3-Screen Flow System,
Crowd-Conferencing Network, Personal SocietalSystem-Keys + PC or Laptop, SocietalSystem-Tablet

SocietalSystem-Versions OS and Desktop Software
A systemic shift in information, communication, training, research, editing,
societal deliberating and decision making, and in management.

Introductory Workshops to the SocietalSystem Training and Learning System-Program
Projected to be organized from september 2013
Now under open construction: download, study, add questions, comments and suggestions > send to
 General Table-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program Introductory Workshops
3-Screen Presentation Files with last update dates and time
  Left-Screen Presentation-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program Introduction Workshops 14.06 07h00
Mid-Screen Presentation-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program Introduction Workshops  14.06 09h30
Right-Screen Presentation-File SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program Introduction Workshops 14.06 07h00
A wide range of Sectoral-Thematic, Geo-Territorial and Societal Project related Training Workshops
are under construction in parallel.

Model tools for radically innovative training, learning, deliberations and decision-making, in all sectors. for the current conditions and coaching services
for applications in your school, enterprise, association or public institutions.


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